The word “clairvoyant” is a French word. “Clair” means clear and “voyant” means to see, so clairvoyance means to see clearly. Clairvoyance is the ability to see colors, pictures, images and energy, not with the eyes but with the “inner eye,” the energy center in your forehead known in the Eastern World as your third eye and in the Western World as your sixth chakra.

Yes, anyone can be clairvoyant. As a matter of fact, everyone is clairvoyant but most of us aren’t aware of it. Clairvoyance is an ongoing movie that you can learn to see and use in daily life. It takes no special skill. The ability to be clairvoyant is our natural birthright and is built into every single person on earth.

What do you really want in life? Do you know what it is? Do you know how to get it? The Clairvoyant Program gives you skills that enable you to create the life you have always wanted. You’ll learn to use your life-force energy to turn your dreams into reality. The Clearsight Clairvoyant Program gives you skills that can make your life an effortless, joyous experience. You learn to open up your clairvoyant abilities and use them in many practical ways.

It is astonishingly easy to learn to be clairvoyant. You learn a simple skill in each class, then build on it in the next class. With practice, you’ll be seeing auras within three months and reading and understanding them within five months.

Being clairvoyant gives you all kinds of practical and useable information. You can tell when someone is angry and why. You can see when someone in business is lying to you and know the real truth. You can learn to heal yourself of old emotional wounds and physical diseases before they become locked into your physical body.

  • Find the true key to abundance in your life.
  • Remove fears that block and traumatize you.
  • Release old emotions.
  • Transform your behavior patterns and change your relationships.
  • Heal yourself and others

We have trained people from all walks of life, including doctors, nurses, therapists, acupuncturists, martial artists, alternative healers, masseuses, artists, accountants, lawyers, real estate agents and brokers, business men and women, housewives, dancers, construction workers, teachers, and designers.


You deserve to have a life with financial security, success, love, and good health. You can create this if you release the old patterns, the stuck beliefs, emotional trauma, and fears that hold you back and block your path. You do not have to go into years of therapy, take expensive rah rah seminars to raise your self esteem. All you have to do is learn a basic meditation, and a few skills and use them throughout your day, and your life will shift dramatically.

Meditation allows you to embrace your own unconditional love for yourself. This in turn allows you to listen to your body and to remove that which does not allow joy, love and the ability to celebrate the process we call life. On a practical level meditation can lower your blood pressure, enable you to release stress and anxiety, and aid you in dealing with any situations that happen. Meditation can clear your head and make most decisions seem easy.

Traditionally meditation was created for clearing yourself so that you can reach the state of enlightenment. To clear yourself you have to reach the state of mindlessness or quiet the mind and this has proved difficult for many people. The first stage of meditation allows you to feel calm, relaxed and stress free. As you continue to use meditation you advance to learning to quiet the mind, know your inner self and to be aware of the life force around you, which is nature and the God connection and all that is. As you move through the many stages of meditation you start to reach a higher level of awareness. Any meditation that you do consistently over a period of time will open you to a higher awareness.

We call Evolving an “in the body” meditation because it teaches you to keep your energy in your body, to feel your body from the inside and to have a form of conscious awareness in your body. When you do this you begin to feel calmer, happier and more focused while you meditate and also throughout the day when you are not meditating.

Evolving® is a new form of American Meditation. It is a system of 5 Skills. Four of these skills you can use all day long to empower yourself by releasing memories, intense feelings, letting go of stress, and also strengthening yourself to increase wellness, feeling good and being successful. The fifth skill is a streaming light meditation that raises your vibration and clears your body and energy field so you can have mental clarity, a balanced emotional state and a healthy body.

Many people who learn yoga or Eastern meditations sit on the ground in a lotus position. Using Evolving® to meditate we sit in a chair. We have noticed that in the Eastern countries that practice the lotus position people are strongly influenced not to own personal power. This is a great difference between social beliefs in Western and Eastern cultures. In the East you are programmed from birth to fit in, to be a follower and never to rock the boat. In the West you are taught to use your individual ability to excel and to be a leader. We have discovered that when you clear the energy in your legs (thighs primarily) you become more successful in the workplace. So we like to meditate sitting in a chair where you run light force energy through your legs. We call this “owning your legs.” Your legs take your mental directions and then carry you to where you want to go.

Many Eastern meditations that have been introduced to the Western world are what we call “out of the body” meditation. You sit down with legs crossed in what is called lotus position, which is a common asana for yoga practitioners who meditate. Lotus position is an ancient practice commonly used for meditation in the Hindu Yoga, Jain and Buddhist contemplative traditions. Many people find that this type of ancient meditative pose works for them. In the Clearsight Meditative practice we meditate while sitting on a chair. We created this system of meditation, using the legs to reach the floor, in order to empower people to own their energy and to be able to take action. We have noticed that when people meditate for long periods of time using the lotus position of folded legs their auras tend to end and stop at their hips. When your aura, the life force energy that is your personal space, reaches to the ground you tend to be better at creating what you want in life. When your aura touches the earth you are enabling yourself to strongly be here on a practical level.


When I was first introduced to healing skills I did not really think much of them. I doubted whether I could truly heal a person of some physical problem. I had no idea of the depth or value of healing skills. As I started my practice as a clairvoyant Reader I discovered that my clients needed healing in many different ways. Sometimes it was simply learning to forgive another or to recognize their own capabilities and sometimes it was a physical disease or dysfunction. I learned that by simply using the energetic skills, whether I believed in my own ability or not, they would work to transform a person from ill to well or unbalanced to balanced. But mostly I learned that energetic skills are not just about the tried and true concept of healing but really about the evolution of the human soul and the journey of the human race.

The world of the seen and the world of the unseen come together when you practice the magic of healing. This is a wondrous gift that all humans are born with and naturally develop as these are the true arts of nature that are within and around us.

Most people do not realize that they are powerful and that they can heal themselves. We human’s seem to devalue ourselves and our abilities. For centuries people healed by simply moving energy. As we moved forward into more modern times we left behind the basic simple yet powerful realm of energy healing.

Healing is not just the act of healing the physical body. When you create abundance in your life, loving relationships or a beautiful environment you are healing yourself. Healing is the creative act of change. By healing yourself you heal the world around you. Each person who comes into balance with themselves and the world adds to the world balance. By healing others you gain the insight of awareness and knowledge of the awesome nature of energetic magic as well as adding to the evolution of your own personal soul.

Just by moving your energy you can change your entire life. It is easy and it works, but most of us do not believe it. Many people do not believe that they can shift or change but once you experience this quick shift that we like to call miracles you are never the same. Your mind begins to accept and understand that everything is governed by energy and that you can be the person in charge of how you move or use your energy! You do not have to believe this to make it work. All you have to do is move the energy and whether or not you believe, it will work. We have been socialized and brought up to believe first in the physical world but truly we are Energy Beings who occupy physical bodies. The light of our energy self is our connection with the Oneness and the God force. It is this inner light that projects love to all around us. It is this inner light that enables us to create miracles. Anyone can create miracles to heal themselves and others, to change their lives and to create peace and beauty and a better world.

People often think of healing skills as simply a system for healing the body of pain, disease and affliction. The skills you learn to use to heal with are the same skills that transform your ability to evolve into a higher consciousness. Healing is the act of moving energy and learning to get in touch with both your own and your universal information source. As you learn to get the answers to the cause of a particular person’s problem you also learn to get the answers from the universal well of wisdom. And as you progress in your own personal development, raising your information and vibration level you also raise that level of everyone you come into

Healing is a very quick method of evolving people into taking responsibility for their own actions and learning to bring their actions into harmony with the natural forces within and around us. Healing truly takes us from the caveman who plays with physical force to change his world to the advanced and awesome human being who can shift awareness, health and his physical world with the simple use of pure energy. And so healing can move us from the death culture of constant war and destruction to the culture of celebrating life in its highest form.