Announcing: An Online Ongoing Workshop

Your heart holds your self-image. Your heart is the keeper of your identity, your ability to know and express compassion, your sense of self-worth and your ability to feel, know and express love. Your heart chakra is the open door to your inner self and the connection to your soul nature. When you are in alignment with your heart you know your life purpose and are connected to your body and spirit.

In this series we will do guided meditations and special exercises. Each session will be set up to help you with a specific issue in your life.

We will cover:

  • Creating Abundance In Your Life
  • Improving Your Self-Image
  • Finding or Keeping Love In Your Life
  • Giving Yourself Permission To Live Up To Your True Potential
  • Creating Good Finances
  • Expanding Your Good Health
  • Creating Success
  • Experiencing A Spiritual Life Style
  • Dealing With Your Family

These online class/workshops will be open to all people. These guided meditations are not our Clearsight skills. They are standard guided Meditations for the general public, students and graduates of the Clearsight Program. We hope you will enjoy them and find them useful.


1. Abundance

2. Creating Love Coming To You

3. Creating Your Inner World

4. Relax Yourself

5. Visiting The Healing Garden

6. Taking A Vacation