Teacher Training Program


To get further information about entering our next Teacher Training Program please contact us at 310-395-1170 or by E-MAIL at clearsightevolving@gmail.com.

For graduates of the Clearsight Program who would like to continue their studies and become Clearsight Teachers we have a Teacher Training Program.

This is an eight seminar weekend program that trains the graduate in the process of teaching Clairvoyant, Healing or Transformational Skills. To attend this program you must be a graduate of the 13 month Clairvoyant Program & the Healing Master Program. Many of our graduates who speak, perform or are in the public eye have found the particular skills covered in this Program valuable and have taken this program specifically to enhance their public skills.


Clearsight teachers are high-energy loving people trained in clairvoyant skills who have a genuine need to help other people develop their life abilities. They are people who have learned to develop an innate intuitive sense of how to present high quality information in a supportive manner that allows the student to move at his or her own pace while also providing space for feedback and support from the instructor when needed. Our Clearsight teachers are highly trained and certified. They are shown how to share their information and abilities and how to create a shared atmosphere in which everyone has permission to be intuitive, powerful and the owner of their highest abilities and knowledge.Covered are:Teaching ProceduresOwning Your Space While In A GroupHow to Impart Information as an Intuitive TeacherKnowing and Processing Your Own Higher Information at WillHow to Organize and Present Quality Intuitive Information to a GroupDealing With Your Own Identity as a Teacher; Teacher Self Image—Release ofEgo, Competition, Ownership of Space & Expectations of StudentsFinding Seniority & Certainty on a More Constant LevelHow to Teach Complex Intuitive Information In a Simple and Easy to Understand FormatClearsight Teaching Certificate presented upon Graduation.