When you need information or clarity in your life, Clairvoyant Readings can be a special and useful experience.

Clairvoyant Reading Sessions cover whatever questions a person might have about your career, finances, love life, relationships, family, health, spiritual life and so on.

You may also ask for an Aura Reading, a Rose Reading or specific information about your energetic system.

A Reader never tells you what to do in your life but simple gives you information so you can choose your own clear and informed decisions.

Readings are one hour long and can be in person, by SKYPE or by phone.

Price of readings depends on the Reader you choose. If you are interested in a reading contact Clearsight at 310-395-1170 or clearsightevolving@gmail.com.Readings may also cover:Karma and how to release it;Past lives and how they affect you now and how to change this;Creative blocks, why they exist and how to release them;Diagnosis and cause of specific health issues;The cause of specific fears and ways to release these;Causes of specific events and why these occurred;Blocks or fears that prevent your progress and growth and how to release these.

Levanah Shell Bdolak

Levanah has been giving Readings using intuitive information to aid and assist people since 1978. She has trained thousands of clairvoyant readers showing them skills how to find and present information that helps to change people’s lives. Levanah is an open hearted caring neutral reader that seeks to help you hear the information that will truly shift and change your life for the better.

Contact: 310-457-8148 or E-MAIL: levanah@liveinawe.com

Judy Nelson

Rev. Judy Nelson is a gifted healer and clairvoyant. Her joy is helping people find their true selves so they can walk their most fulfilling path in life. Judy began her metaphysical studies in 1984 and completed them at Clearsight. Judy became an ordained metaphysical minister in 1994 and a master practitioner of clairvoyance and energy healing. Judy teaches many of our Clearsight Natural Healing Seminars.

Contact: (818) 514-5956, www.judyenelson.com, judy@nelsonjudy.com