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Founded in 1979, Clearsight’s purpose is to teach people how to create meaningful lifestyles with their strongest natural skill: their energy. At Clearsight, we believe everything on this planet is created from energy and that if you understand how to shift or change this energy, you can change yourself and the world you live in. We see this energy as being pure life force, the divine essence of light within each one of us that allows us to be intuitively in touch with one another, nature and in the Oneness or God force of the Universe. We experience this ability to be in touch with the Oneness of life force energy as a sacred celebration of joy and a positive reaffirmation of the life experience.

We believe everyone has the ability to create a life that is wonderfully abundant and truly joyous. Evolving and the Clearsight techniques enable you to energize your unique talents and abilities to reach your highest potential. We invite you to embark on this exciting adventure of growth and self-empowerment.

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