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The Clairvoyant System of Experiential Learning

Often people have asked me why you should learn to read the aura to reach a higher state of awareness. And honestly, besides being loads of fun, it is the very best way I have ever found to easily clear yourself while also, at the same time, helping another human being to have clarity.

Our system is geared to enable you to view a human being as a whole person. You will learn to read the aura layer by layer so that you can assess the full picture of what is happening with a person’s energy. We look at the seven layers of the aura covering the physical, emotional, energetic reality, heart & identity, communications, using your own inner sight and higher knowledge.

Reading the aura is used as a vehicle for learning to clear yourself of unwanted emotions, patterns, foreign energy, outmoded beliefs and unwanted concepts. It is much easier to read someone else and as you see what they do you also realize what you have in common. At this point you will have the skills to release the energy within you that you no longer need. If you simply sat and just looked at yourself you might not realize what energy you can release. When you look at another person you have to see them through your own aura, through your energy field. As you look through your own aura whatever is similar to the person you are viewing will be obvious and give you a chance to release it. This is an ancient experiential spiritual process. It enables you to see clearly, and also to feel compassion while still staying in a neutral state.

To read another person you have to see through your own energy field. Thus, you have to remove whatever blocks you from seeing clearly and whatever is similar to the person you are reading. It Is a basic process that enables you to release tons of unnecessary emotions, concepts and dysfunctions without having to re-experience them. It is a process that allows you to change quick, to access your higher wisdom and to share insights with another.

Clairvoyancy is the ability to see colors, pictures, images and energy. The aura is a vibration of color filled with images and energy. Many of these pictures are your personal history. Some of these images are your fears or sometimes other people’s energy. As you learn to see clearly you can see and remove another’s energy that is influencing you. You can de-energize your fears and the restrictions you buy into. You can choose what kind of experience in life you wish to have. You become in charge of your own awareness and what you create to feel and think and see on a daily level. You become the creator of your conscious reality. Most people are controlled by their fears, their unconscious emotions and their beliefs. Once you learn to use conscious awareness as a daily tool you can choose what you wish to create in your life instead of being influenced by others or moved by fears or emotions that are unconscious. Conscious Awareness gives you both insight into yourself and others. It allows you to choose your path in life.

In thirteen months you can clear many of the basic concepts that stop you from living at your highest potential. In three to five months you can open to seeing the aura as color that surrounds a person. However it takes more time to learn to see the images in the aura and to understand what they mean. As you perfect your ability to have certainty in what you see you gain experience in allowing yourself to change quickly and easily. This is a program of skilled self-awareness. Once you release the patterns and programs that control your actions in life you will discover that the people around you relate to you differently—. You no longer take on other people’s energy. You stop trying to live up to other people’s expectations and find your own passion in life. Much of what is difficult in your life suddenly clears and life energy flows for you in an radiantly easy manner. You discover the joy of living and open yourself to new ways of being. By releasing what holds you back and also letting go of everyone else’s needs, demands and beliefs you find your own authentic self.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The word “clairvoyant” is a French word. “Clair” means clear and “voyant” means to see, so clairvoyance means to see clearly. Clairvoyance is the ability to see colors, pictures, images and energy, not with the eyes but with the “inner eye,” the energy center in your forehead known in the Eastern World as your third eye and in the Western World as your sixth chakra.
Yes, anyone can be clairvoyant. As a matter of fact, everyone is clairvoyant but most of us aren’t aware of it. Clairvoyance is an ongoing movie that you can learn to see and use in daily life. It takes no special skill. The ability to be clairvoyant is our natural birthright and is built into every single person on earth.
What do you really want in life? Do you know what it is? Do you know how to get it? The Clairvoyant Program gives you skills that enable you to create the life you have always wanted. You’ll learn to use your life-force energy to turn your dreams into reality. The Clearsight Clairvoyant Program gives you skills that can make your life an effortless, joyous experience. You learn to open up your clairvoyant abilities and use them in many practical ways.
It is astonishingly easy to learn to be clairvoyant. You learn a simple skill in each class, then build on it in the next class. With practice, you’ll be seeing auras within three months and reading and understanding them within five months.
Being clairvoyant gives you all kinds of practical and useable information. You can tell when someone is angry and why. You can see when someone in business is lying to you and know the real truth. You can learn to heal yourself of old emotional wounds and physical diseases before they become locked into your physical body.

  • Find the true key to abundance in your life.
  • Remove fears that block and traumatize you.
  • Release old emotions.
  • Transform your behavior patterns and change your relationships.
  • Heal yourself and others

We have trained people from all walks of life, including doctors, nurses, therapists, acupuncturists, martial artists, alternative healers, masseuses, artists, accountants, lawyers, real estate agents and brokers, business men and women, housewives, dancers, construction workers, teachers, and designers.


NEW CLAIRVOYANT TRANSCENDENCE ONLINE PROGRAM: 13 MONTHS: 4 evening lectures with practice on Wednesdays for 4 weeks a month and extra practices learning online set to fit your schedule.

Lectures Covered

  • Grounding
  • Center of the Head
  • Running Life Force Energy
  • De-energizing Mental Image Pictures
  • Communication with the Higher Self
  • Studies of the Chakras: Doorways of Perception
  • Understanding the Use of Energy in Objects or Spaces
  • How to Create Abundance in Your Life
  • Using the Astral Library
  • Integrating Energy in your Relationships
  • Male/Female Energy Essences
  • Dealing with Guilt, Morality & Responsibility
  • In and Out of the Body Awareness

Beginning Clairvoyant Skills

  • Clairvoyant Skills
  • Introduction to Reading Procedures
  • Energy and Colors
  • Reading Techniques: Clocks & Programmability
  • Reading Techniques: The Moons
  • Reading Techniques: Reading the Rose, part I & II
  • Reading Techniques: Chakras, part I & II
  • Memory Banks & the Analyzer

Cleansing, Clearing and Restructuring Your Life

  • Space & Relationships
  • Growth & Self Healing
  • Effective Communication
  • Creating Your Reality
  • Core Pictures
  • Dichotomies: the Truth vs Lies
  • Programming, What it is and How to Get Rid of It
  • Parent-Child Connections
  • Family and Group Agreement Levels
  • Validation and Invalidation
  • Resistance, Considerations, Buying Into Someone Else’s Reality
  • Genetic Core of Body Information
  • Security
  • Male/Female Energy Processing, Part I & II
  • Permission and Self Love
  • Prosperity Success Readings

Seeing the Aura

  • Using a Reading Triangle
  • Using the Reading Screens
  • Seeing the Aura Layers 1 to 4
  • Reading the Aura Layers 5 to 7
  • Picture Making Machine, using Past, Present & Future
  • Reading Screens
  • Pictures as Units of Energy
  • Matching Pictures
  • Owning Your Space While Reading

Advanced Clairvoyant Lectures

  • Using the Akashic Records
  • Past Life Memories
  • Report Stations
  • Symbols, Past life Aura, Reading a Picture Machines, The Crystalline Kingdom
  • Karma
  • Cosmic Cops, Gurus, Guides
  • Guest Healees and Readees with Special Problems
  • Working with the Astral Body
  • The Astral Planes of Reality

Being Psychic

  • Recognizing your Psychic Abilities
  • Psychic Self Protection part I
  • Psychic Self Protection part II
  • Trance Mediumship, Channeling, Mediumship Channels
  • Free Will, Diddling, Programming, Running Pictures
  • Higher Planes of Awareness

Professional Intuitive Skills

  • Reading skills: A Clairvoyant’s Perspective
  • Spiritual and Intuitive Counseling
  • The Trance State
  • Making Separations, Owning Your Space, Knowing Who You Are
  • Resistance, Effortlessness & Contracts
  • Neutrality: Knowing or Seeing Rather Than Feeling or Thinking

Skills For A Better Life

  • Certainty, How to Own It
  • Enlightenment Reality as a Way of Life
  • Effective Communication
  • Re-vitalizing Your Life Force Energy
  • Channeling Your Creative Abilities
  • Life as a Happy & Joyous Experience
  • Moving towards Enlightenment

Skills For Healing Yourself and Others

  • Natural healing using pure energy
  • Clairvoyant Healing using inner sight
Levanah Shell Bdolak

Your Teacher For The 2021 Clairvoyant Transcendence Online Program

Levanah Shell Bdolak


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