Real Freedom

Now we see many people yelling and screaming about freedom. They cite the second amendment to the constitution, their right to not feel forced to wear masks, their right to own automatic guns, their right to attack people by publishing attacks about them on Facebook or Instagram or other apps and web sites. But this […]

Join us for our Sunday Meditation: A Community of Spirit……….

Every Sunday morning at 7:00am we will be having our Sunday meditation: Clearsight:A Community of Spirit: Spirit. The first hour is a meditation to heal yourself and the planet. The second hour is to share interaction. JOIN US using Zoom. This is held 7:00am PST Meeting ID: 827 0068 1100 Passcode: 856853 One tap […]

Our next Clair Online Program is starting soon! Sign up now! You won’t want to miss this incredible transformative experience……….

What is it all about? Is it just success? A good bank account, a nice home and no headaches from bills? Or is there more to life ….and more to living the good life? What is it you truly always wanted? Did you get it? Have you found what we call meaningfulness in your life? […]

Learn the energy skills to heal yourself.. an online class…our Self-Healing Program……………..

Imagine being able to heal yourself! To rid yourself of pain, emotional hurt, sadness, anxiety, & stress so you can create a system of wellness within you. Eight 2 hour classes, each once a week . Q and A in the last 15 minutes of every class. This program costs $239 but we are discounting […]

Want to boost your Self-Esteem? – Get a membership for Evolving: Rediscovering The Joy

5 classes once a week Thursday 7:30 to 9:30 A one hour lecture and then pairing off to read and/or heal one another. Cost: $59 for this program. Starts October 08,2020. For Clair Grads only. To get further info or to sign up send an E-MAIL to [email protected] RE: SELF-ESTEEM.

How To Raise Your Immune System

Think of something that makes you feel good. Stop eating any junk food or sugar-based sweets Smile. It relaxes you and your body Ground yourself to the center of the planet. Stretch your awareness to the edge of our galaxy. Bring yourself into present time, Right Here, Right Now. And stay in the moment—no past, […]

A Powerful Spiritual Skill

One of the most powerful spiritual skills I have ever encountered is the ability to de-energize your fears. In most cases your deepest phobia is a fear hidden deep within you- often from early childhood. Your unconscious fears control your permission to take action or your inability to change. It is not your mind but […]

The Now Space

I believe that when you do energy work and you are having fun and truly enjoying yourself that your ability to manifest or heal becomes much more powerful. When you really explore your creativity and your ability to play with energy you move into what we call the NOW space. The NOW space is the […]