Now And Forever

Now And Forever……Do you get affected when planets go retrograde? Many people who are spiritual pay attention to the phenomenon of Mercury Retrograde. Mercury is named after the Roman God of financial gain, commerce, eloquence, messages, communication, travelers, boundaries, luck, trickery, and patron saint of thieves and merchants. He is the ancient Roman god you will see in the museums or in historical and mythological encyclopedias wearing wings on his helmet and shoes. Mercury is associated with the planet Mercury because it moves so much faster than our earth spinning around the sun. When the planet Mercury appears to be going backwards, we say it is retrograde. And when it is retrograde people often complain of difficulty with communications, machinery breaking down or financial loss due to thievery, scams or the like. Astrologers will suggest that you do not sign contracts or start new projects until Mercury is going straight forward. The two weeks before and after the actual retrograde are considered the shadow time when the affect of the retrograde energy is still active.

Some people really feel the effects of Mercury retrograde. Of course, it does depend on a multitude of different parts of your life and your astrological planets. Sometimes you have no choice, but have to sign a contract, start a new job, create new projects, move into a new home……and so I am including here for advanced Clairvoyant or energy workers a system to use to mitigate when Mercury retrograde bites you in the backside! Do remember and consider that Mercury is not the only planet that goes retrograde. When many planets go retrograde at the same time you have the choice of staying in bed until it is all over or clearing your energy well every day and perhaps using my suggestion listed here.

Now And Forever….Living in the timeless place of infinite awareness and all levels of alternate universes allows us to move beyond the confines of the seven retrograde planets that are affecting us at the current time. Yes, right now we live in a time period when there are seven plants that appear to be moving backwards in the heavens which we call retrograde. Many astrologers will tell you to not to start anything new at this time. They state this “take no action” because they fear that people moving through the magnification of their past will probably come out of their growth level to shift themselves into a very different future.

When the planets go retrograde it is a time for us to assess our past, clean up our karma, redirect our purpose and to look deeply within ourselves. As we view our essential identity we come into touch with the biggest questions in our life, “Why am I here?” “What is my true passion?” “Do I have a mission and if so what is it?” At this time many people sink into confusion as they become overwhelmed with the aspects of their past they need to release and seem to find a blankness in their future. If you are questioning who you are and what you need to do

To move yourself from the quagmire of your search for true identity there are several actions you can take. 1. Clear your energy and come into the moment. 2. Do not give credence to the belief that because the planets are in retrograde means you can not function. 3. To avoid the repercussions of the planetary regression simply go way beyond present time and set yourself into the multi-universe time of all worlds all time at one time. Allow yourself to connect to the light of all the multi universes thet you are connected to.If you are connected to all worlds you are then learning the true you instantaneously.

Venus has already moved forward on September 3rd. Mercury goes forward on September 15. Even after a planet moves forward we still sit in what is usually a two week.period of shadow where we are still being affected by the retrograde energy. Of course you will notice this if you are regurgitating all of the past that throws it self at you in order to create the new you. The new you can emerge to be a very different person in both personal character and life focus. This is the new Aquarian Age of change. Please remember another word for healing is CHANGE.

RECONNECT yourself to all dimensions of yourself in the now. Allow all of you from every level, past, present and future to converge within you now.

And if you do this. If you have mastered enough energy skills to create this inter connectedness of the true you then change will be fantastic and easier than you ever thought.

To make this work you have to be grounded, centered and within your body ….and with a clear mind of no beliefs or perceptions about who you are or how our world or our energy system works. you just have to be in the now of your energy source.