Real Freedom

Now we see many people yelling and screaming about freedom. They cite the second amendment to the constitution, their right to not feel forced to wear masks, their right to own automatic guns, their right to attack people by publishing attacks about them on Facebook or Instagram or other apps and web sites.

But this is not “real” freedom. Real freedom has to do with how you own your energy and what you do with it.
We have not had “real” freedom on this planet for centuries. All governments, all religions and most stated belief systems take your true freedom away from you!
Because they program you to believe what they tell you is true. They control you in the most insidious manner. And they have done this for centuries. It is not what you “believe.” Belief is a concept in your head. Freedom has to do with how you use your energy.

To be empowered is to come from your own personal truth. And to have your personal truth to be aligned with the universal energy source. This means to have no one else’s energy in your aura. Your aura is the bubble of light that surrounds you. When you are born –as you come out of your mother’s womb into the world and your energy system drops into place. The energy system looks kind of like one of those fold up cups you take with you when you go camping. Actually it is an energy mass—-that has within it each of the major energy chakras (energy vortexes that help to channel your energy throughout your body). Once in place these energy devices channel your energy, store your memories, and help you to control your body.

Regardless of what scientists will tell you—You are not governed or controlled by your mind. You are controlled by your own Higher Self (your spirit) and your energy. If you release the emotion of your past experiences, the programs others give to you and the beliefs you were fed as a child, then—and only then—you are able to connect with your truth self.

Your true self is the energy part of you which is your Higher Self. Your Higher Self is the part of you that reincarnates from life to life. It is the true you. So once in a body you are controlled by your emotions—unless you learn to take the emotional energy out of your body and your energy system. Then you find the true you. The authentic you that comes from your heart and your soul. This is not about a belief system. Spirituality is about connecting to the true you. Peeling the onion of all of the programs and beliefs you were fed so you can let go of them. So you can connect to the Oneness or what people call the God Source. Once you peel off the energy that is not yours and release the emotions that control you, then, and only then, you truly connect with your inner source. Then you are empowered to be free.

Freedom is not something someone gives to you! You have to work to be free. You have to have courage to release your beliefs and your programs and come into a neutral place. Freedom is your true right as a spiritual being. If you are ready to rediscover your own true freedom check out our Clairvoyant Program….where we give you skills to choose the kind of life, your true purpose and to connect to your inner and Higher Self. Our next Clair Online Program is starting soon! Sign up now! You won’t want to miss this incredible transformative experience……….