Stone Grids

A grid is created by using a geometric form that in of itself focuses energy. You can focus the energy inwards towards you or outwards to the world at large. By placing stones on a grid you can magnify this geometric process. You can place a small grid anywhere in your home though preferably in a place where you can leave it undisturbed for a good period of time. You can make a small grid that fits on a bureau or a shelf or you can design a large grid that encompasses the entire room. Americans tend to like to use large stones but I have found that some stones in small sizes work just as well. It is not the size of the stone but the type of stone that is really important.  There are many wondrous geometrical forms you can use for your grid. This one here is a simple one.

I come to the conclusion that the reason grids work so well and are so powerful is because making a grid forces you to perform the basics of energy work. You must really be clear about your intention and you need to charge and recharge your grid when you set it up so that it is fully primed and grounded in its purpose. So therefore, making grids forces you to apply your energy skills in a very practical manner to manifest your desires. Making grids can be a really creative experience. There are so many variations of the types of grids you can design, You can use the golden spiral, a hexagon, a 5 or a 6 pointed star, a circle, a metatron and so on, depending on what you seek to accomplish. You can use a few special stones or many stones and crystals. Your grid design once set up with stones and charged properly becomes an actual energy machine.

Crystals Healing Stones

At each section and in the center we place the proper stones for whatever you are working on bringing into your life. To get a free grid design with directions go to the Spirit of Nature box on our home page and check it –