Stones & Crystals Can Bring You Calmness & More

Speaking with a stone is kind of like getting to know another person. When you first meet someone you get to know their outside identity and then if you spend more time with that person eventually you get to know them on many more levels, like the unfolding of the petals of a rose. People unfold themselves with time and so do stones. As you hold the stone in your hand gradually you become aware of its essence on many deeper levels.  

Usually I teach a meditation using light energy so I work with pure energy. But a few months ago I decided to present a stone/crystal grid workshop. I like to work with stones as they can add a whole new dimension to creating, manifesting and healing. I mostly work with pure energy so when I can use pieces of the earth that can connect you to the heavens and beyond it is exciting and exhilarating for me to have actual energy tools you can hold in your hands.

It all started when I decided to change my jewelry so that each necklace would be created to accomplish a particular task. Now, my necklaces in America are all made for a particular essence, for Love, Healing, Manifestation, Grounding, Relationships and so on. I have researched the properties of the stone beads I use and placed them together in necklace form to create specific necklaces for a specific result.

Even though the necklaces have strong function now, they are still beautiful but now they are also awesome tools for transformation. Stones


As I researched the various stones and crystals I use I began to realize how powerful it is to sit and just hold a stone or to meditate upon a particular stone to become one with it’s energy source. And this led me to researching how stones can be used directly for healing and transformation and this, in turn, led me to grids.

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