How To Raise Your Immune System

Think of something that makes you feel good.

Stop eating any junk food or sugar-based sweets

Smile. It relaxes you and your body

Ground yourself to the center of the planet. Stretch your awareness to the edge of our galaxy.

Bring yourself into present time, Right Here, Right Now. And stay in the moment—no past, no future and no worries.

Fill your body with some cosmic love energy ( pink, peach or rose color)

Breathe deeply and send the air down to your toes.

Breathe deeply and fill your belly. As you breathe out, let all of the toxins in your body leave with the out breath.

Hold your hand over your heart and speak to your body and say I am one with you. Touch your own awesomeoness.

You are an energy Being who lives in a human body. You are one step away from being immortal-you live a very long time as an energy Being taking many lives. You have no reason to fear death. It is just a doorway.