When the Angels Sing

I like to wake up to meditate right before dawn because that is when the angels sing. The angels sing to the elementals of nature to give them the messages of what is to be done that day. The angels circle the planet spreading their nature message of instructions to the elementals just as the sun comes up.

When I meditate in the early morning my energy is usually fresh and clear. I have always felt that the most powerful times of the day are sun rising and sun setting. At these times I feel a great connection with the beauty and power of our natural world. In the morning when I feel really clear it seems like it is the beginning of all that is wondrous and beautiful……and it is also a time when it seems easy to call new opportunities to me.

For me meditation is a way of connecting with the spiritual world. I see everything on the earth has having a spirit or some energy that is connected to the oneness. (You might call the oneness God, Goddess, Jesus, Allah, Kami, Haqq, Eeshwar, Al Aaqal Al Kulli, JAH, Nature, All that is, or by any name or God form that you feel connected to.)

So when I clear all the flotsam and jetsam from my mind and emotions then I feel connected to everything since all things around me have a part of the oneness within them. I find this a kind of special connection. I’ve always found meditation to be a way to find both peace and serenity and at the same time all of the answers how to move on my chosen path to create my best life experience.

I first learned a meditation that really worked for me when I was twenty-eight and in my Saturn Cycle Return.

Before that time I had studied meditation but it had never really worked to connect me to any better way of being.  I must admit that I am from the Baby Boomer generation so I was always a searcher. When I was fourteen years old I convinced my parents to allow me to study with a Zen Priest. To this day I remember his guiding words. “Follow your thoughts until there are no thoughts and you have reached a calm peacefulness.” Have you ever tried to follow your thoughts to find where there is no thought?  I have now taught meditation for the last thirty-three years and I have never met any modern person who can simply follow their thoughts until the thoughts cease. But even though I could not do this I could see that my Zen Priest instructor could do it and so I knew that there was something special about being able to meditate long enough to reach a state of calmness. Years later I learned that this state of calmness is the first step towards what the Buddhists call enlightenment or the first ladder of entry into the first Buddhist heaven (of which there are many).

Even though I could not get to the state of calmness, I felt that it was worth trying to get there. And so I continued my search to find the meditation technique that would work for me.

And so eventually I found EVOLVING—a streaming light meditation.