The Many Types of Meditation


I really like the Clearsight EVOLVING Meditation because it is an “in the body” meditation. I have had many friends who practiced “out of the body” meditation. Out of the body meditation is when you leave your body and float on the astral plane or somewhere else. Then you feel blissful but when you return to your body nothing on this physical planetary level has changed. You are back with the same problems. When you do an “in the body” meditation it clears old patterns and emotions and you can shift your problems and actually change your situation on a practical level. So you can meditate, feel relaxed and blissful but at the same time you can create yourself as a successful person, or create an opening for a new relationship, or improve your health or just access a new part of your spiritual identity.

In the body meditation allows you to become aware of how you feel from the inside. And it pulls the attention of your Higher Self to your body and what is happening with you right now. If there is something that is not balanced your Higher Self will automatically fix it and shift it to correct or rebalance it. When you do in the body meditation you get an automatic healing because you are making a connection with your Higher Self.

Your Higher Self is the part of you that created the body you are in. It is your Higher Self, that with a guide and your parents created the DNA, of the body you inhabit now. It is your Higher Self that chose the type of body, your parents and the location of your birth. Your Higher Self is the part of you that is the true you. It is the part of you that reincarnates in a body each life. This is the part of you that knows what is right for you and what to do n any situation. This is the part of you, your higher nature, that guides you in life and that has a direct connection to the God source.

The first part of an in-the-body mediation is to ground yourself. Once you are grounded you run earth and cosmic energy through your energy field. This is like taking an energy shower. It cleans and clears your body, your cellular structure, your energy channels, your energy centers (chakras) and your energy field (your aura). Once you are grounded you begin to automatically know what is good for you, what works for you and how to create that. Being Grounded enables you to access higher wisdom.

You can use meditation to simply find a sense of peace and bliss but you can also use meditation to access higher spiritual levels of awareness or just to deal with the practical life issues: to be successful; to be healthy, to have good relationships, to find a lover, to clear trauma or bad feelings; to release fears and so on. The list of what you can use meditation for is endless.