Playing And Speaking With Stones

Have you ever spoken with a stone? I’m a pretty down to earth person but recently I have been making stone and crystal grids and this has led me to “speak to the stones.”

For me, stones are like little people. They each have a specific vibration, and so they have a kind of personality. Some stones, like the Boji, make you feel as if your feet are firmly planted on earth. Others. like Petalite, enable you to feel as if you could fly with the Angels. But actually, these stones just call the angels to fly to you. I especially enjoy holding the Morganite, a form of Beryl, that has a very high vibrations and opens your heart chakra. It is the strongest love gemstone.

Types of Crystals

The crystals are neat to play with because they have so much life force within them. They are like little Beings that communicate to you of the essences of the earth. And the deep black Boji stones kind of speak to you saying, Come feel your connection to the earth. Feel your body and know.” When you hold he Boji they open your feet chakras and clear your channels so that your grounding increases instantaneously. The Lemurian seed crystals lead you to your dreams and the Petalite crystals connect you to the angels. The Morganite opens your heart chakra and lifts you in a love way while the black tourmaline and the Phrenite help to heal you. So many of the stones have really neat energies that shift your awareness as you hold them and work with them. And if you are really open and sensitive. Below see the Himalayan double terminated high vibration crystal that really charge your energy.

Types of Crystals