Finding The True You

We call our program, The Clairvoyant Program. However, actually it is the study and practice of learning to know your energy well and being able to de-energize the emotions, fears or blocks that stop you from creating your desired life. The side benefit of using these simple but powerful skills is that you develop an ability called Clairvoyance. All humans are born with this ability to see their energy. Energy Work

Seeing energy is one of the highest tools on the energy scale. If we start at the bottom of the human energy system, we look at your energy centers along your spine. Starting at the bottom at the base of your spine is (using the Western system of labeling ) your First Chakra. This governs survival and procreation.

As we go up the ladder of awareness we see that you Second Chakra in your abdomen governs feelings. Your Third Chakra at your solar plexus governs how you use your energy—thought into action. Your Fourth Chakra at your breastbone is your Heart Chakra and governs

your identity. Your Fifth Chakra governs your communication. And your Sixth Chakra governs inner sight known as spirituality. Your Seventh Chakra is not in you body but actually sits on your head and this governs your higher wisdom.

Your highest ability within your body, at the top of the chakra ladder along your spine, is your spiritual ability to see. We call this Clairvoyancy. With your lower chakras, starting from the bottom you can sense the power of the earth, feel other’s emotions, take ideas and make them happen, know your true identity & feel love within every living being, hear spirits speak or hear your own inner voice but once you reach the top of the ladder within you, then you can see clearly. It is your highest skill within your body. Yes you are still connected to your highest chakra which sits on your head and gives you Knowingness, which is your ability to be still and know.