Just What is Clairvoyancy?

Clairvoyancy is seeing what we call the higher vibration of energy. So you see beautiful vibrant colors and images we call pictures. These pictures are like a movie when you see it stopped screen by screen or a slide show when you stop it and see just one picture. These pictures tell you the story of what is happening. As you learn to open to your clairvoyant ability you start to learn to understand ort know what the pictures mean.

Clairvoyant colors are so vibrant that if they are clean and  clear they seem wondrously beautiful. If they are murky or full or “dirt” or seem “heavy” then these are usually blocks or energy in your aura that needs to be cleared. It might be bad patterns, other people’s energy or miscellaneous junk you picked up that blocks your ability. As you learn to see this you learn to get rid of it and that is called healing.

And Seeing is a wondrous skill. For me, using my clairvoyancy, enables me to walk through my life smiling, laughing, seeing beauty, joy and fun all around me every day. When I am on line at the supermarket I see the man in front of me who is obviously hungry because I see a hamburger with wings flying through his aura. The woman on the line at the other register loves nature and has the most gorgeous pictures in her aura of forests, fields of flowers, and views of gardens. She is a gentle and loving soul who concentrates on what she loves that makes her feel good. Seeing this teaches and reminds me to focus on what makes me feel good.

Seeing others teaches you about yourself.