Meditation Techniques

Now, in case you do not know this, there are many meditation techniques in our world. I have a friend who concentrates on the bubbles in a pot of boiling water. When I was teaching and doing Clairvoyant Readings in Bangkok I discovered that one of the Buddhist monks I was reading for had learned the Buddhist traditional method of meditating/concentrating on the image of a full moon. Most every Eastern religion and spiritual practice has some system of meditation.

In 1978 I learned an American form of meditation. This type of meditation derived from an ancient European source and over time had been added to, tweaked and updated by many students. As I worked with this I also changed and tweaked it to fit the modern 21st Century lifestyle. And then, as I changed it a bit more I discovered how easy it is to use this wonderful style of meditation in daily life. We now call this style of meditation Evolving and I love it because it really worked wonders for me.

I have always found It is amazing when you have skills. The first time I encountered this was when I had moved into my very first apartment and wanted to put up bookshelves. At that time my boyfriend came over with his trusty box of tools and put them up easily and expertly. Nowadays tools make our lives much easier.

The skills I like to use everyday that work for me and that I teach to others are simple yet powerful energy tools that are part of the meditation system I use.

Meditation is the art of calming your body personality so you can reach your soul nature. It is your soul nature that has a direct connection to the infinite. The infinite includes the God source. So once you create this connection on a conscious level you are plugged into your best potential. With your connection to your higher nature you have the ability to heal yourself, to connect to your true purpose in this life and to access the successful you.

First of all, I discovered, that meditation works for you when you are ready to reach a higher level of awareness. You can use meditation to just simply calm yourself, lower your blood pressure and reduce the effect of stress in your life. But you can take it way beyond just developing a calmness. As you quiet the mind and stop taking in the chaotic world around you it becomes possible to get in touch with your higher nature, which is often called your Higher Self. That is the part of you that is your over soul. It is the part of you that can know what is the right thing to do in any situation, (who to marry, what is the right job or the best career, the right decisions, etc.). It Is just amazing how much a simple skill like meditation can change your life. Suddenly my intuition really connected with my daily life and most days became smooth sailing.