What is your Higher Self?

Whenever I do public lectures about energy skills there is always someone in the audience who asks, “What is your Higher Self?”  I am always amazed that some people have never heard of this. Your Higher Self is the energy part of you. It is the part of you, that with your parents and a guide, created your body. And it is the part of you that is the true you. When you get your astrological chart done, that chart is really a map a kind of blueprint chart of what your Higher Self planned to do in this life. This is the part of you that truly knows your mission in this life. Your Higher Self has an agenda and if you get in touch with this part of your higher nature then you too will be in touch with your true path in this life. But the really neat part of this is that your Higher Self cares about you. You are it’s body personality, and therefore your Higher Self will pay attention to you and take care of you.

So once you meditate deeply enough to connect with your Higher Self it will then become totally aware of you. Once totally aware of you, your Higher Self will try to heal you, communicate with you and keep you on the path you had decided to walk on before you were born.

I have many stories of how I have learned to communicate with my Higher Self and why doing this really enriched my life and made everything easier.

When I first started to communicate with my Higher Self I used to do it the old fashioned which was a very superstitious way.  I would ask my Higher Self a question and then I would go into a book store and hold my palm up to the books on the shelf until I felt that I had picked the “right” book and then I would open the book ask for the right page. Once on the page I would ask for the right paragraph and then the right sentence. And voila the answer would be there. And it would be the right answer. Not something vague but an answer that really fit my situation at that time. But for me this was really too way out there. So I started to learn how to start a running dialogue with my Higher Self.

When I first started to communicate with my Higher Self I was a very stubborn person. I am sure I am still a stubborn person but I have learned to listen and pay attention to my Higher Self. I guess I have learned to temper my stubbornness.