Why I Meditate Every Day


I discovered that if I meditate in the morning my whole day goes better. Sometimes I can actually create things, events and people coming to me. But mostly it just sets the tone of the day that makes me feel as if I am totally in the flow of things.

One of the things I like about meditating is that it is a skill you can do anywhere and if you meditate for more than twenty or thirty minutes it cleans out your whole system and makes you feel like a million dollars!

When I was younger people used to think that meditation was something really boring to do. But the type of meditation I like to use is a form of clairvoyant meditation so you spend your time cleaning out your system and creating what you want. When you feel really clear it is easy to know what works for you and to create what you need coming to you.


When you do a streaming light meditation it cleans every cell in your body. And it also cleans your energy system, your chakras and the energy channels between your chakras. A streaming light meditation is when you use earth and golden sunlight to run through your energy system. As the light energy passes through your body and your energy system it is like a river that carries away all sorts of garbage or old patterns. You do not have to do anything but just run the energy through you and it cleanses your entire system. When I run light energy through my system I feel high and clear. I love it because it is a wonderful feeling. I do not take any drugs. And I rarely drink alcohol. But meditation gives me a high that is better than anything else I have ever encountered. Of course this only works well if you keep grounded. But a streaming light meditation usually has grounding because you are combining earth and cosmic energy to form the light that travels through your body.