Clairvoyant Meditation

 CLAIRVOYANT MEDITATION is when you learn to see things with your inner eye. This is like going to the movies. You learn to see your aura which is the energy that surrounds and protects your body. You learn to see energy so you can diagnose or heal yourself. You learn to see your past lives or images that you have retained from this life. The value of learning “to see” is that if these images are disturbing, negative or causing you trauma you also learn how to release them so that they never appear again. Have you ever seen something and started to cry? The reason you are triggered to cry is because some stored image in your energy system that holds a lot of emotion is triggered. When you learn clairvoyant meditation you can find these intense images and de-energize them so that they will never affect you in this manner again.


When you promote a business or a product you are really promoting yourself. If you release the negatives then the positives in your life start to happen. Doing positive affirmations is fun but if there is a negative underneath lurking in your subconscious mind the affirmation won’t really work to manifest. When you do meditation for success you learn to release the negatives that are underneath. Negatives are a restriction that tell you that you cannot manifest your successful ambitions in life. If there is someone in your early life, parents, siblings, or teachers who criticized you or told you that you are not good enough to create your personal dream you can release this. Sometimes parents could not create their dreams so they unconsciously tell you that you won’t be able to truly get what you want in life. They mean well but sometimes they unwittingly give you the message that supports what they feel are their own failures. As you meditate you can become aware of these subtle messages of others and delete them from both your conscious and unconscious energy fields. Then success is much easier to reach.


I have friends who like to do positive self affirmations every day. However I have discovered that these do not always work. If you keep saying a positive statement it will work as long as there is no “negative” somewhere in your system underneath it. If you have a “negative” statement –a doubt or some experience that you might not be aware of then the positive affirmation won’t work.

A negative statement is a bomb hidden in your system. When you say the positive affirmation it works unless there is a negative belief hidden underneath. The negative will sabotage and derail your positive affirmation and cancel it out. As you meditate it either pushes out the negatives or brings them to the surface so that you can consciously be aware of them and thus then release them. And that is why I just love having energy skills to use cause when something emotionally powerful comes to the surface for me —-instead of crying or feeling sad or upset—-I simply use my Evolving skill to de-energize it and release it. I will still remember what happened but I won’t feel emotionally affected by it.

About ten years ago I went to the Tucson Gem Show.  I make energy jewelry and so every year I go to the wholesale Gem Show in Tucson where wholesale sellers of stones, gems, beads and jewelry findings display their wares every year. Thousands of store owners go to the Tucson Gem Show to purchase stock for their whole coming year.

That year there was a new floor reserved in one of the hotels for Metaphysical stones, gems, art, jewelry and healing devices. I wandered into one room where these people were displaying many different types of stones. And so I asked them, “Do you have any healing stones?” This was at the very beginning of the time when people started to be aware that stones could have healing properties. And the seller, a large man standing in the back of the room said, “Yes, we do.”

So I asked which ones and he pointed to a box on a table at the rear of the room where he was standing. I asked him if he could pass one stone to me. The room was crowded with people so I thought it would be easier if he handed me a sample stone. He stared at me with a very strong gaze and then told me he does not “touch” those stones and if I wanted one I would have to go and pick it up myself. I thought that was a bit strange but I was eager to learn as much as I could about any new healing stones so I walked to the back of the room and picked out one of the blue green stones he had pointed at.

I picked up the stone and held it in my hand to feel and gauge the energy and healing capacity. I could feel some emotion rising up from my second chakra into my throat. When it reached my throat I pulled the energy (image) out of my throat and used my Evolving skill to de-energize the emotion in the image and then put the image away in my memory banks. I did this so I would remember what happened to me but not have to always feel the pain or emotion stored in it. I had released the pain and the emotion.

Then I became aware that the seller was intently watching me. “You are not crying,” he said. I had released the emotion before it caused me to cry. “Everyone who holds that stone cries,” he explained. I explained to him that it is a stone that triggers you to raise hidden or stuck emotions to the surface. Then if you are trained in energy work or have a simple skill you can release the emotion instead of carrying it around as heavy baggage in your life.

The stone works if it is held against your skin or fit into a setting with the open back so it is worn lying against your body. That stone which now everyone knows about, is called Larimar. Larimar is mainly found in the Dominican Republic and is a bit pricey. There are other stones that also have the same energetic function to heal and I have many stories about these also.

The seller was very surprised that I did not have a strong reaction of crying or getting stuck in emotional heaviness. I cannot begin to tell you how happy I am to have simple skills of Evolving that enable me to release stuck or old emotions throughout my day. I just feel it is awesome and wonderful to be able to shift and change your consciousness to enable you to have joy fill your life.