Seeing Is Believing

Using your clairvoyant ability to see and being able to see and know gives you a tremendous edge in life. It allows you to know what is right for you in every aspect of your life. It gives you the skills to know what works in business, what to do to keep your health and wellness and how to make your relationships work.

Seeing gives you the ability to easily know how to deal with difficult situations. It enables you to see why people act a certain way or say certain things. So seeing helps you to walk around Clairvoyant Seeingthe pitfalls most people fall into. When someone lies their aura shakes. When a person says something meant to harm or invalidate you—you can see it before you feel it. And you can train yourself not to accept this kind of negative energy so you do not feel it. If you are a sensitive person you can learn to find your strength and protect yourself from taking on other people’s energies or feelings.

Seeing gives you the power of Free Will. Being able to truly make your own decisions without being manipulated by others. This is the gift of God that you are born with that no one can give to you. You have to own it for yourself. Seeing gives you the skill to know and own Free Will as you open up to your inner decision making ability.