The Speaking Stones

Many years ago when we moved our Clearsight Center to Santa Monica we had a very interesting experience with an Amethyst Geode. I was traveling with a spiritual friend one year and we stopped in Quartzite Arizona where many of the old miners sell their stones in January. Early in January Quartzite has what they call swap meets and people travel from all over the country and camp out in the RVs and sell their wares. The really old grizzly miners come from Arizona and Mexico with stones they have mined or cabachons they have set themselves to sell their wares. I actually saw one miner with his gold pan and his donkey selling in Quartzite.

We stopped in Quartzite and there was one man selling a whole row of amethyst geodes. He had them lined up from tiny size to giant size.

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Amethyst Stones

I quickly fell in love with this geode that had been mined in Brazil. It was cut in half and stood over four feet high—-almost as tall as I am, and it just seemed to speak to me. One stone was male and the other was female. They had white inclusions which are believed to be the heart of the stone and they were just gorgeous. My friend could not pull me away from the stones so finally I wound up purchasing the stones and the sales person agreed to have some friends drive it in a pick up truck to our offices in the following week. I was thrilled. They were the largest stones I had ever purchased and I felt they would add to the energy at our new Clearsight Center in Santa Monica.

About a week later when I returned home the guys came with the amethyst geodes and delivered them to our new offices. We had just started renovating the offices and so we were not ready to move in. The landlord had agreed to paint and fix up the offices first. So we had the delivery guys bring the stones up to the offices. They were in large stone crates to protect them. So we left them in the crates.

It took us two more weeks to fix up our offices and during that time the stones just sat in the crates. And here is the interesting thing. During that tine everyone on our staff started to have dreams with the amethyst stones. Our staff members would come to me and tell me of their dreams. In the dreams the amethyst crystals were always asking, “Why are we here?” Finally we finished painting and fixing the office and moved in. We uncrated the stones placing them in the entrance way to our meditation room.

Several of us, one by one, went to the stones, and told them that we felt they were here to communicate their love to humans and to share with us their sense of the earth. We told them that we felt their love could help humans to heal themselves. And so the dreams stopped.

after that. Later we discovered that people from other offices in our building would come by just to see and touch the stones. Everyone who came to our group sessions would talk to the stones. And always afterwards the people would smile and look more peaceful. Somehow we all knew that the stones were happy to communicate with people. Types CrystalsTypes of Crystals