Awaken Your Abilities

Awaken Your Abilities

One of the best ways to empower yourself is to use your abilities. As you use your energy self you awaken to the true abilities you have within you. We will be offering a series of Free Online Workshops to give you a taste of experiencing how it feels to connect to the power within you.


We will be  presenting a Free Online Workshop of how to make a crystal grid.


Working with stones and crystals can be fun and also a very powerful way to create healing, transformation or to bring abundance energy to you, to protect yourself or to create love and light in your life and in your home.

A Grid is a
 formation of lay-lines creating a very strong vortex of Life Force 
energy. These energetic Crystal grids can be used to support the 
healing of a person or situation into the past, present or

We will be using small grids that you can place on a shelf or a special place in your home. Our first grid workshop will be an Angel Grid.

We will cover what a grid is, how it is created, why it works, and what stones and crystals to use for specific grids. You can make grids for personal needs and wants …and you can also create grids to improve or change the energy in your home or your relationships or your work. Grids are fun to work with and are easy to set up. By working with a grid you can learn some of the basic principles of energy work—grounding, focusing, charging with energy, connecting to the higher levels so it works and owning your inner power to manifest in the outer world.


We will be making, charging and using your own personal Treasure Map. A Treasure Map is a visual creation of what you wish to come to you and to create in your life on a material level.  We will be covering how to release blocks to financial success, creation of life opportunities, permission to have and the basic principles of abundance.  This is one of the “effortless” ways to create abundance, wellness, love or to simply manifest new opportunities coming into your life.