How Covid-19 Has Affected All Of Us Energetically

By being forced to quarantine ourselves and stay at home we have started communicating through the internet. Many of us have used Zoom to work, take classes or just spend time with one another. This has had an interesting energy affect as it has caused many people to shift from body personality communication to energy Being communication. Body Personality is when you relate to people from your emotions and their physical body. When you relate to a person’s body you relate to their body type, their race, their ethnicity, their fashion, their cologne or makeup, their tatoos, and their lower chakras (fourth down to first—the 1st survival chakra, the second emotional & sensual chakra, the third chakra—thought into action or what we mistakenly call “power”, and the heart chakra which is your identity and your self -image, ability to know yourself and others- to love and be loved.

When you relate to the upper chakras you are relating to a person’s spiritual self. You are relating to a high evolved part of your energy that sees the true self—not just the body type in this life but the energy self that reincarnates life to life. And so you are communicating on a higher evolved level. This kind of communication can begin to stop the foolish hatred that people harbor towards others who are of different skin color, beliefs, ethnic identity, or race. Since this type of communication is what we clairvoyants call Being to Being. Spirit to spirit communication. You are spirit in a body. And you can communicate with the spirit in another body.