Changes: Shifting to Your New Path

As we leave the shadow period of the New Year…..the weeks leading up to and after the shift into our new hopes and new wishes, we have reached that time of the year when we have to start to take action and so we stand at the precipice of what was and what can be.
The Covid Era has shifted us into a whole new way of being.

Currently we are in what I like to call “a no time” period. We are in a partial waiting period as we recenter our focus and desires for a new way of living.

It is our time to release old karma, regrets, our history of what affected us and to shift to a new awareness, a new quantum leap to a quicker and higher vibration future.

Massive global change is never an easy shift for us humans. We tend to want to continue in our old paradigms just because it “seems” easier. Now we have entered a new era, when we have no choice but to change. We see our economics, our technology, our climate and our values shifting so quickly that when you try to hold onto the older ways it is almost like standing in quicksand. If you hold onto the old ways you will sink. The time to transition is here and now.

This is the time of karmic release and a period of time when we all are being forced to squeeze ourselves into the new. I like to call this the great PUSH. Because for most people it feels as if you are being pushed to change by both outer forces and your own inner self. For most of us this is traumatic and not an easy change. It truly is your time to enter the highest and maybe steepest point of your learning curve and to throw caution to the winds and believe you can do it.
I would like to explain to you how to see this shift on an energy level so that you can understand how to manipulate your ability to change.

In the past spiritual teachers mostly taught that you come into your life with a set path ahead of you. You, of course, have free will and can make choices. But before you are born you and a guide and your future parents help you choose what you will concentrate on accomplishing. To do this you set your astrological chart of time being born and important aspects that will affect you. You choose which elements will be focused and strengthened or which elements you will have less access to. (Elements are: Spirit, Earth, Air, Fire and Water which help to make up and balance your personality). You choose your parents, your nationality, your place and time of birth. You choose various physical attributes, skills and carry over DNA. You choose how to pay off your karma and what your basic goals are. Mostly however you choose your “path.”

In the past we considered a path as a straight line from one place to another. From where you are now to reach your goal further along on the path. But this has changed. We have entered a new era and a new time when several energy protocols work differently now. We have integrated our awareness of energy and our concepts of our future….however….most of us do not realize this yet on a physical, emotional or energetic level.

We have advanced in our evolution but we have as of yet to live up to this new way of being. So we flounder in confusion, fear and instability.

I would like to show you here how our new path is set for us now. In order for us to progress we have to jump in awareness to the next level. Our sense of authority or institutional protocols have changed. We have moved from the authoritarian Piscean Era to the newer Aquarian Era when we must be responsible for our actions, live up to our ideals, and create new possibilities on every level within our culture, technology and society. A time when we must value each and every member of our society no matter what color, ethnic background, gender or race they are. Now we are all ONE on this global planet we call Mother Earth.

So now we move not on a ladder style linear path that moves in a straight line, but instead on a spiral path that raises your vibration and your consciousness as you walk the path. And we do not walk this path as a straight path twisted into a spiral. As we walk this spiral path we jump from part of the path to another higher part of the path without walking the path in-between. This is what is known as a quantum leap. A leap in both consciousness and action.
To make the quantum leap you have to be willing to leave the old protocols of the authoritarian era behind. You have to be open to seeing what you can accomplish in a new faster and sometimes easier way. New inventions, new concepts and new hope will flood our consciousness as we continue on into this new era.

We are at the very beginning of a new way of thought and action. To stand up to this and be able to utilize your ability you have to release your old habitual patterns and your fears. Fear is the great power that people use to control you. Politicians use it. Insurance salesmen use it. Academic Institutions use it. And yes, your religious institutions use it. Anyone who uses fear to control you is taking away your Free Will. Often they use fear to incite hate. They are convincing you to act based on a fear rather than based on a goal of hope and love.

What you feed you become. If you feed your fear or your hatred you become the fearful hater. If you feed your hope, your inspiration and your insight into new concepts then you become the messenger of the new era. You become the angel of hope. In many cultures throughout the world the word angel means “messenger.” If you act out of love and hope you become the earth angel, the evolved person who seeks to help all.

This is an era of change. And in an era of extreme change we tend to be confused, ungrounded and out of touch with the whole picture. So often we go into survival. Please take a moment and try to realize that this is not just about your personal survival. This is about the changes that will create the survival of our human race. This is the time we institute a whole new way of dealing with one another. An era that allows us to respect and love one another. When we release the fear with the understanding that we all feel the same force or “push” to change, and that this change will lead us into a better world for everyone, then we expand into a powerful force of evolved humanity.

You are what you do. Not just what you think! You are a person who takes what you think and what you feel and turns it into action as “what you do.” This is not about beliefs. It is about taking action to better both yourself and your world.

Most of us are still stuck in Covid mentality—wanting to change now but being unsure what will work or how to do it. We will hesitate and wonder if we have the knowledge or enough learning to accomplish our next step in life. So you ponder if you know enough to know what to do to get a different job, start another business, purchase a home, work from home, be a better leader of your team at work, or just create a large change in your life. Eventually you figure out what you do not know and you take a class; do specific research or find some way to learn more. Eventually you face your “quantum leap” when you must take the risk of trying something that may be entirely new. And if you have enough passion there is a good chance you will succeed. In the past people would take years to assess what they could do to change their situation. Covid gave many people the time to sit and assess what is meaningful in your life and what is truly your priority. Or as we say in our Clearsight classes, what would make you feel good every day!

All change involves chaos. To change you have to reassess why and how you want to change…..and how much time it will take you to let go of your old patterns and then you risk making a change. When you seek to change it first occurs because you discover you are uncomfortable with the way you are. As you seek to discover why you are uncomfortable you find that you want to do something different or be different. Once there seems to be a risk in changing some people then look at the benefits or advantages of changing and the disadvantages and sometimes spend time contemplating this. It does take courage to believe in yourself and to just change and shift your lifestyle.

I work with people on a spiritual level so we approach change in a much quicker manner. We give people skills to change fast. Once you can pinpoint what makes you uncomfortable and what you want to change; we simply show people how to gauge how much permission they have to change. When you have a low permission level there are skills for taking the energy out of the fears or reasons you resist or fear change. Once you release the reasons for obstructing or procrastinating from making a new change in your life you can release the energy in these concepts. Then you can have a clear path to visioning what you want. Once you have a clear goal, know what you really want and have enough passion to follow through you can quickly manifest your desire. I have always loved giving people these energetic skills because they are easy to learn and use. These skills enable you to change quickly.

It is wise to remember at this juncture in our history that everyone, everywhere on our planet, is experiencing this energy shift to reach to a higher level of action and awareness. You are not alone. This is a mass planetary vibration. This is the start of a new era. It is a challenge for everyone. And it is a gift to show us how to truly touch the real reason we are alive and existent.
In a manner that you might not understand Covid gave us a period of time on our planet when time stood still, all values shifter either higher or lower, and we gave ourselves permission to look for real quality in our living situations. We learned the spiritual guidelines of no time, no space and anything can happen.

No space means that we learned to communicate using our digital technology. We learned that energy can leap from place to place.

We have only begun. To experience the very beginning of what will eventually be the merging of biochemical energy action and technology

On a spiritual level we call this time without beginning or end; space without boundary; and the potentate divinity of spirit –being the highest truth for each and every one of us and the eternal life force we all have different names for which is the oneness of the Cosmos. So your highest truth can be accessed within you. As a spiritual being that incarnates in a body, you have come here to learn and grow. Now you will. be able to connect with your own highest sense of how to do this. Your “bible,” your truths, will be accessed within you. Not a written statement or set of rules and regulations given to you by others but the true connection of heart, mind and soul.

And so we move from the Piscean Era of authority rules to the Aquarian time of find your Free Will and you can rule yourself. In the Piscean Era the kings, the politicians, the religious leaders and the wealthy set the rules with a strict authority that controlled everyone. In the Aquarian Era it is the time of individual consciousness. A time when innovation, ideas out of the box, and the overturning of all rules become the new paradigm. Up is down, in is out, rich is poor, fancy is casual and the visible is actually invisible.

This is our time to rediscover our humanity and the power of our human race. A time to evolve into our higher nature where compassion, love and the ability to share our hopes and dreams comes to the forefront. This is a time where we clean our karma and thus what we do helps everyone to evolve. This is the time when we learn to connect with our spiritual nature and to integrate it into action. So take a deep breath and take a good look at yourself and move into your new awareness.

It will take strength, fortitude and the ability to stay connected to your highest essence as we move into this new era. At the beginning of this new era there will be many disasters, shifts of nature, changes made with lightning speed. To survive you need to stay in touch with your connection with your inner self. This is the difference between beliefs and spirituality. Spirituality opens you to connecting to your inner self which once made gives you a direct connection to the Oneness. Oneness has many definitions: God, god source, higher nature, Higher Self, and so forth. Once connected you experience your own sense of what is right, what is true, without other people’s beliefs or rules. This is a time when you will come to realize that your consciousness is what creates the world around you. Once enough people know and understand this inner process we will awake to create the better world we all want.