Choosing A Gift

Choosing a Gift
How to choose the best gift
How to choose the best gift using your energy skills

When you are out shopping or on the internet and all is chaos around you
You want to choose a good gift
This is what you do

Our clairvoyants know this skill but I am giving this to you as a reminder
If you are not clairvoyant it will probably work for you

Ground yourself
Focus yourself….get into a calm state…release the angst of having to choose the right gift or having to make a decision now in a hurry. (If you know our Clearsight Clairvoyant skills then de-energize your angst, your emotion at having to choose the right gift!)
Get neutral….don’t make the decision using your mind
Use your energy skills
If you are in person in a store take the possible gift and hold it up
Now ask to see or know the energy of the person you are choosing the gift for and see that energy as being next to the possible gift.
Does the person look happy with that gift? Does their energy grab it and say wow! Thanks!
Is it in alignment with their energy?

If you are looking on the internet….make believe you are holding it up and then mock up the other person’s energy right next to it and see what happens. The person’s energy should change if they like it. They would be in alignment with it and their energy might glow pink or rose or gold or silver. If their energy droops or looks entirely neutral it is not the right gift.
Then search for a different gift.

If you doubt your ability then test this. Hold up an item that you know the person already has and likes and watch what their energy does in reaction to that object.

Do not doubt your abilities.
You are born with these abilities. We call this ability “knowingness” and often it is a way of knowing “off the top of your head” or what we call using your knowingness from your Crown Chakra….the energy center on the top of your head. Your Crown Chakra is your high control center for your body….and pulls in your high spiritual knowledge from your Higher Self. This is the energy that tells you what is true, what is right for you in this life, and what your true path and purpose is in this life.

Know that you are a powerful person who can touch and know your own ability.
You are born gifted with the energy skills of clairvoyant sight; clairaudient hearing (non verbal hearing); clairsentient touch (knowing something about an object by holding it or placing your hand above it and knowing the energy); and many other skills you were not taught as you grew up. These are the inner skills you were born with and can use in your life. If you would like to know more about this check out our site: or take a basic online class at Clearsight and give yourself the gift of inner awareness and a better life in every way. We live online classes and recorded programs at your pleasure:

Give yourself the power to know your true self!