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We have live online meditations and webinars as well as recordings you can listen to at any time.

Clearsight presents Sunday meditations you can access all week long and guided meditations, the Opening Your Heart series and Finding Your Authentic Self.

Levanah Shell Bdolak
If you need spiritual counseling or more information about spiritual energy healings, please contact Rev. Levanah Shell Bdolak at

aura readings
Our students and some of our graduates do free Aura Readings and/or Healings. To find out how to book a free Reading or Healing please contact Levanah at

As you are evolving yourself we offer new and special guided meditations to help you with all areas of your life: Abundance, Relationships, Self-Esteem, Your Health, Spiritual Connecting, Experiencing the Awesome and much more. So always check in with our web site periodically to see what is new and exciting.

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We seek to build a spiritual community that serves our greater global community. Join us and build the kind of spiritual community you wish to see and be a part of.

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