1. Introduction to Clearsight Basic Skills

2. Protection; Meet Your Higher Self; Creating A Safe Space

3. Chakras; Abundance

4. Astral Library; Relationships

5. Guilt, Morality & Responsibility; In and Out Of Body

6. Male/Female Information

7. Introduction to Reading Room; Energy & Colors

8. Reading Techniques: Creativity, the Creative Moons; Clocks & Programmability

8A. Reading Clocks Practice

9. Reading Techniques: Reading The Rose

10. The Analyzer

10.The Analyzer; Memory Banks

10B. Creating Your Reality

11. Reading Room Control

12. Chakras: Reading Techniques; Chakra Readings

13. Growth & Self Healing; Creating Your Reality

14. Communication

15. Parent Child Hookups; Respect & Tradition; Saying the Right Thing; Doing the Right Thing; Recognizing Pictures We Take for Granted; Neutrality, Becoming The God Within

16. Space and Relationships

17. Reading the Aura 1-4

17. Reading the Aura Practice

18. Reading the Aura 5-7

19. Picture Making Machine; Screens; Reading Triangle; Cleaning Your Screen; Matching Pictures

20. Perfect Pictures; Matching Pictures; Family Pictures; Core Pictures

21. Dichotomies, Resistance, Considerations, Making Separations, Owning Your Space, Knowing Who You Are

22. Akashic Records, Validation & Invalidation, Programming

23. Symbols, Past Life Aura, Reading a Picture, Machines, The Crystalline Kingdom, Free Will In A Group

24. Report Station, Creative Rings, Aliens & Dimensional Shifting

25. Female Energy

26. Male Energy

29. Resistance, Considerations, Owning Your Space, Buying Into Someone Else’s Reality, Knowing Yourself

30. Cosmic Cops, Guides, Gurus Dealing With Fear

31. Trance Mediumship, Channeling, Free Will. Running Pictures

32 Genetic Entity, Healing, Getting Rid of Programming, Reading Triangle Review, Your Buddha Nature

33. Security, Using Skill IN Daily Life & Business, Permission & Self Love, Prosperity Success Readings

34. Getting Your Higher Information, Spiritual Awareness, Owning & Knowing Your Space, In & Out Of Body,
The Astral Body, Your Highest Potential, Graduation



35. Extra Lectures: A Clairvoyant View of Illness; Reading Skills; Using Your Skills

36. Extra Practices: Practice and Practice Reading