Covid: A Deeper Look

At the beginning of the Covid quarantine in March I immediately looked to see why this was happening to us. I went up to an area on the Astral where everyone hangs out and discovered most people had no idea what was happening. Then I went to see the Guardians of the planet, the higher Angels. They told me that even though they were in charge of the planet they had not caused this virus. They told me the aliens had taken charge and found a way to cause the spread of this virus.
And so I asked for the aliens who caused this to come and speak with me. An alien came to me on an energy level (of course!) and told me he represented the “Federation of Planets” (sounds like Star Trek but honestly that is what he said exactly) and told me they had maneuvered the cause of Covid-19 to happen because we (humanity) are moving too slowly and need to get more “advanced.”