Have You Experienced the Supernatural?

I was on vacation in Europe when my mother contacted me.” You have to come home. Your father was in an accident and he is in the hospital.” At the hospital my mother told me I could help.” How?” I asked. I was an only child. She pulled me to his bedside and said, “Jack your daughter is here.” She used my family nickname. My father had one leg in a sling and seemed gone to the world. Obviously, he had not responded to anything she had tried before. Suddenly a great light blazed through his eyes—as if we had called him to come from very far away. He started to awaken and smile. “Did you see that?” my mother asked me in a shocked voice. The light that shown through his eyes was brighter, lighter, clearer than anything I had ever seen in the normal world. Once you experience something like this you never question the power of spirit again!