Have You Looked At Your Pet’s Past Lives?

Knowing what your pet’s past lives are can aid you in keeping them healthy and relating to them on a deeper level. I have had many kitties over the years. Most of my kitties had past lives as birds. However more recently I have noticed that animals who live with humans choose this to engage more with the human spirit. Some kitties have very interesting past lives that may have led them to spend their time with you.

Animals teach us about love, compassion, caring and treating all with respect no matter what kind of body they reincarnate into.

Covid really influenced people to get pets. In most cities we emptied out the animal shelters. Quarantine affected everyone and the first line of defense was to get a pet. I had travelled for two weeks every month for 24 years to present Clearsight skills in Japan and other Asian cities. While I was teaching in Japan I would walk over to Ometosando, a large wide street with many shops where I could stand in front of the pet shop and watch the cute dog and cat babies playing with one another. I had promised myself that once I stopped the constant travelling I would gift myself some pets. I stopped travelling before the pandemic and spent months looking for a kitty. Originally, I wanted 2 cats and a dog. But I soon realized I would not be able to walk a dog every day. I finally settled on 2 kitties. But I was looking at the wrong time of year, before the cats dropped their litters.

Somehow, every time I would call someone who listed a kitty online the animal would be taken before I could get there. Eventually I realized that I was supposed to find a kitty that matched my energy level. One day I saw a photo of a cute tiny marmalade kitty online and I contacted the person who had listed the photo. She explained that this cute kitty was too young and not ready to be adopted. I asked her to let me know when she was ready, but I never heard back from her. Meanwhile I started cruising my local shelter. Finally, one day at the local shelter I saw the very kitty I had seen the photo of online. I adopted her and the frisky boy kitty in the cage next to her. And so started my kitty tribe!

Have you ever taken the time to look at your pet’s past lives? I
My girl kitty had this coloring and charm about her that everyone who looked at her just adored her for her natural beauty. I named her Sweetzie Kiss Kiss Uiniquey. A few months after her adoption Sweetzie seemed to look sickly to me. I could see her aura and so to me she was not quite right, but I could not quite diagnose exactly what it was. Many years ago when I first started doing professional Clairvoyant Readings I used to heal animals. In those days (almost 40 years ago) I healed birds, fish, eels, cats and dogs. But that was a very long time ago.

It took me 3 visits to the Vet before they could tell me what was wrong with her. It seemed she had this gum disease where the gums would swell up and she would be unable to eat and would die. They suggested taking her to this specialist, a cat dentist. The cat dentist had to remove her back teeth to clean out this disease. And since then, she has been fine.

Once she needed this big operation I decided to look more closely at her past lives, what energy would cause this and why she would have a life threatening issue. I could see that Sweetzie must have been pushed away by her mother. Perhaps her mother sensed her illness and so defined her as a bad choice to feed. To this day Sweetzie has poor self- esteem and needs to be supported to protect her food or to own her space.

Most cats are connected to Bast, the Egyptian Cat Goddess that protects and blesses them. When I look at cats I see them having their own version of heaven or way station between lives. But Sweetzie was different. Bast had disowned her and wanted nothing to do with her. Obviously Sweetzie had done something that had earned the displeasure of the cat Goddess Bast. Once I understood the nature of her physical issue I worked on healing her physical and energetic issues. I did my best to clean up her past lives and to bring her into present time here. Her brother, whom I named Apollo after the God of Healing came from a different breed of cat.

Whereas Sweetzie was small and petite, Apollo was larger, more athletic with big muscles and all white fur with large black spots in the shape of hearts. I named him Apollo because whenever I sneezed or coughed, he would come up to me and put his paw on me and look at me as if to heal me. As a kitty he was very adventurous, would follow me everywhere and try to get into whatever I was doing. He would beg for people food and act as if he was a human being in a cat body. It wasn’t until I had him for a few years that I began to realize I was not seeing the ”whole” of him. One day he appeared to me as a six year old boy asking for my help.
It was then I started looking more deeply into his past lives. And it was then I noticed there was a group of Beings watching over him. They were like a tribunal and told me that in his past life, when he was six years old, he had done something awful that had caused the death of many people. And so he had been sent into the animal kingdom of reincarnation.

Usually when humans do something egregious, like war criminals or mass murderers. they do reincarnate but come back with restrictions and some big Beings to watch over them that we often call Cosmic Cops. These Beings do their best to prevent them from harming others in the same way again. But Apollo was a six year old boy when he did whatever he did and so they decided to send him into the animal chain of reincarnation to learn some lessons. I did not see what he did and to be honest I do not want to know what he did. I feel if I know what awful action he did I would see him differently, and I love him very much. But I did promise Apollo I would help him to release his payment for his actions so he could once again reincarnate as a human being.

Many of my friends who do not have pets often do not understand that animals have strongly defined personalities. Like humans these personalities are formed by their early and adult experiences. If you treat them with love they feed love back to you. If you are brutal or nasty then they ingest that; fear you, and react to you as an enemy who would harm them. Most often they have the same reactions a human would have in similar situations.

And so now I do see Apollo differently when he begs for food that kitties never eat. Visitors have commented that Apollo will come up to them and present his backside and ask me why he does this. Obviously Apollo strives to be the Alpha Male in the house. And when women visit he presents his backside as if you “will follow where he leads.” He treats men differently and either runs away and hides or runs up to them if they smell of the garden or the great outdoors and then rubs up against them.

Often when I visit shops I find the owner’s cat or dog hanging around. Cats have a high energy level and are often easily psychic. Dogs that choose to live with humans seem to want to please them. Some dogs are very psychic while others are more interested in the basics of food, fun and play. Dogs are wonderful companions because they naturally wish to protect you and share your experience. Dogs seem to naturally come from the heart.

An animal’s experience is different from ours and it is wise to be aware and remember this. If you spend a great deal of time with your animal you can learn more about nature. They see and hear all sorts of information that we either do not notice, are incapable of hearing or just have never taken the time to pay attention to what is around us in nature. Animals are more connected to their bodies. We humans often come from our heads rather than our senses or our hearts.

If you choose to explore your pet’s past life take the time to ask your pet why it chose to be with you. What past lives have you possibly share together before? What is it you both need to learn from your shared time together? What can you do to help your pet to evolve spiritually and to be healthy and happy? There are no coincidences. Do be aware that many pets take on the emotions and illnesses of their keepers. So if your pet gets sick look carefully to see if it is mirroring your repressed or unexpressed feelings. When you have a pet living in harmony with you it reacts to you just as people do. Shared time with your pet can be a very precious learning experience.