Healing 1 Live Online Intensive Program

Our Online Healing Program. 5 classes Live on Zoom
Starts Monday October 16, 2023 7:30 pm PDT

Learn to heal yourself and others.
You can heal yourself on a physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual level.
Integrate your full awareness into your healing ability.
You were born with the skills to heal yourself and others.
The practice of healing using pure energy has been with us since the birth of humankind.
Experience what it feels like and what it truly means to empower yourself!

Raise your immune system.
Clean your entire energy system.
Learn about energy bathing and energy cleansing.
Be able to use your ability to clean your chakras, your energetic channels, your physical internal body,

Skills for releasing emotions and developing clear calmness.
Recognizing how you use your consciousness.
Developing conscious awareness.

Healing 1 is 5 classes, 3 hours each Monday
Cost is $159.00

Class #1 three hours Lecture 3 hours Monday October 16,2023 7:30 PM PDT
Introduction to Healing.
Skills to own and use your personal energy.
Grounding, Focus, Running/Streaming Energy, Roses, De-Energizing, & Present Time. These are the skills that enable you to empower your life.

Class #2 three hours Lecture 3 hours Monday October 23,2023 7:30 PM PDT
Moving Energy
Using your hands to sense energy and to heal.
Cleaning the aura.
Chakras, what they are, where located, what they do.

Class #3 three hours Lecture and Practice Monday October 30,2023 7:30 pm PDT
Chakras: How to clean a chakra
HM 1
Doing a full healing
Making separations

Class #4 three hours Lecture and Practice one hour Monday November 06,2023 7:30 pm PST
Extra special healing techniques
Review of how to do a full body healing
HM 2
How to make separations so you do not take on other people’s energy
The power of owning your space and knowing your own energy.
Q and A

Class #5 three hours Lecture and supervised Practice Monday November 13,2023 7:30 pm PST

The Process of Healing With Energy
Free Will: What it is and how you own it
How to detox a system: Healing for drugs & alcohol.
Practice doing a healing using your new skills.

Our Online Live Healing 1 Program
Starts Monday October 16, 2023, 7:30 pm PDT
Cost is $159.00

If you sign up for the Clair Program before this Healing Course ends you will get a 30% discount for Advanced Healing.

FIVE classes, an intensive program, held each Monday 7:30-10:30 PM PDT/PST