Imagine Being Able to Heal Yourself & Others Copy

Imagine being able to heal yourself & others

Wouldn’t you love to be able to rid yourself of pain, emotional hurt, sadness, anxiety, stress?
And know how to create wellness, happy feelings, joy and serenity when you want to?
You have the ability within you to heal yourself and others
Healing is an ability you are born with
I can show you a process of how to work with your inner energy
Every cell in your body has a life force energy stored in it
You can turn on this energy and feel energized
You can train yourself to release foreign energy or old unnecessary energy with a simple easy skill

The healing skills in the CLEARSIGHT EVOLVING HEALING PROGRAM are simple and easy to learn and use.
Skills that show you how to ground so that any overload of foreign energy moves through your system and gets released
Skills that enable you to remove energy that feels like emotional or physical pain
Skills that show you how to tap into your loving energy, so you become loved and joyous
Skills that fill you with the universal life force streaming through your body
Skills that teach you how to clear your mind
Skills that teach you how to release patterns that hold you in stuck places

CLEARSIGHT EVOLVING HEALING is a live online Program for learning the pure energy skills of healing yourself and others.
IMAGINE being able to raise your immune system at will
To create and control your health
To know and understand what deteriorates your well-being and to be able to prevent this
To clear your emotions, release pain and physical discomfort, raise your immune system and create physical, emotional and financial wellness using healing skills

Ancient skills adapted and brought up to modern lifestyle so that you can prevent illness, create wellness and be in charge of your life

In this program you will learn the basic Clearsight Evolving skills of GROUNDING, FOCUS, RUNNING ENERGY, DE-ENERGIZING MENTAL IMAGE PICTURES & ENERGY, PRESENT TIME and Skills for removing and releasing old feelings, emotions, and old memories that control your energy.
We will cover:
Using your hands to channel and move energy
How to clean the aura,
To know clean, heal and balance the chakras,
Clear the channels in your body along your spine and your arms and legs
How to release pain
Free Will & Ownership
Healing for drugs and alcohol and detoxing yourself
Beliefs and how they control you and how to release them
Permission to be the best of who you can be
How to stay healed

Our Online Live Healing 1 Program starts this September
Starts Monday October 16, 2023, 7:30 pm PDT
Cost is $159.00
If you sign up before September 20th you get a 20% discount which brings the price down to $127.20.
If you sign up for the Clair Program before this Healing Course ends you will get a 30% discount for Advanced Healing.
FIVE classes, an intensive program, held each Monday 7:30-10:30 PM PDT