Spirit of Nature

Spirit of Nature


Expand your awareness to Speak to the devas, the Archangels, the trees, the earth. Look for special free classes in our newsletter. As we learn to communicate with the elementals, the devas of nature, the Guardian Archangels, the trees, the flowers and the earth—we learn how to also heal the earth. Healing the earth is giving love to it, which is giving respect to all living things and learning to value and connect with the environment we live within.

We, at Clearsight, would like to see a bunch of energy workers form who are devoted to spending a little bit of time to help to heal the planet. We have discovered that as humans place our attention upon the energy of our mother earth we begin to expand our total awareness of our environment.  As we connect to the nature of our earth we start to hear and see the elementals and devas and to be able to communicate with the esoteric race of the Fae (the Faeries.)

Become aware of how, as a lightworker, you can help to raise the energy of light & love on our planet.

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Reconnecting with the consciousness of the earth

I like to function in the ancient manner that people practiced in earlier times, which kept them in touch with nature in a direct manner.  To do this I perceive life to be in everything and so I communicate with all manner of objects. I see everything as having a sense of life force within it and I communicate directly with this life force.

When I leave my home in California I walk through my front garden. And I always stop and smell the roses. While I am “smelling” the roses I am speaking to each rose bush and all of the plants in the garden. One by one I tell them how beautiful they are and how I so enjoy seeing them. I speak to each plant individually pointing out something special about it. “Your golden roses are so beautiful today.” Or, “You have beautifully shaped leaves.” Sometimes I ask a plant if it needs anything. I do not cut my roses. I do not cut flowers to take indoors. I follow the ancient ways. The ancient ways saw cut flowers in a home as dead things. The Fae, (the fairies who create and take care of all plants), see a flower that has been taken from it’s plant as dying. So I enjoy the live plants. If, for any reason, I have to trim or cut a tree I speak to it first. In earlier times if you had to move or cut down a tree you would speak to the spirit of the tree and explain why you had to do this. Then hopefully the tree spirit could either find a new home or could move with the tree if you were just moving it.

When I walk down the street in any large city I speak to all I see. I speak to the dogs, the cats, the birds, the trees and the plants. Sometimes I say this out loud and sometimes I say it sub-vocally. I tell them that I love them and how much I enjoy their presence. And sometimes I also try to connect with them on an internal level by allowing my consciousness to be aware of their consciousness. Developing awareness through interspecies communication I bridge the differences between humans and nature beings. Though we do not both speak the same verbal language we do communicate fully on a non-verbal internal awareness or what you might call, soul to soul. All Beings that have any life force can connect with you and communicate with you too. Even a branch separated from its tree can speak as the tree because it holds the memories and essence and connection to the mother tree.

We humans are a part of the earth but for many years we have seen ourselves more as “masters” of nature rather than part of it. Because of this we have lost the basic respect for keeping the nature alive and well. Instead we have created a world that has cemented over nature, clear cut our forests, damned our rivers, filled the oceans with our garbage, polluted our air, and influenced the rise of temperature in our world climate. Now our beautiful but struggling earth is at the tipping point in its evolution as a living organism. Either we humans change our ways and learn to create life, rather than destroying it, or we will find that we have a home that will not support human life as we know it now. We need to reconnect with the primal life force of earth as a living organism, as our Great Mother, the Goddess Gaia.

Reconnecting with nature is reconnecting with our own nature within us. First we have to learn to find the peace or silence within that allows us to hear the voice of nature that is both within and outside of us. We have to lose our fear of nature and learn to embrace its beauty and it’s life force.

Because our evolution is now also reaching the turning point in technology this will soon lead us to the singularity where hopefully technology can help us in our development instead of destroying us with pollution and poisoning the environment.

Healing ourselves to heal the earth

If you do a ceremonial ritual to connect with the earth the first thing you must do is to connect with yourself. To speak to our Mother Earth you have to listen to the heart beat of the earth. Once your learn to be still within yourself. The heart beat of Mother Earth is a vibrational rhythm that you can hear and that fills your consciousness. So first learn to ground yourself so that you are connected both to the earth and your inner self. Take the time to listen to your inner voice, to clear yourself of needs and wants and to feel and know your own essence. Meditation helps to do this

Deep Ecology is not about searching for your family roots or the roots of your race. Deep Ecology is about finding your roots in the essence of the earth.  When you discover this connection you become filled with the joy of the life force of all, being able to feel all of the entire planetary creation. I call this the joy of living and also the joy of connecting to your true essential being. The way we live now, contained in little boxes, separated from nature by cement, by walls and mostly by our own erroneous lifestyle, is slowly disintegrating our true identity and dissipating our energy.

Learning to think in a new way that is truly the ancient way

Deep Ecology is the act of learning to be one with nature, to communicate on an internal level.  Deep Ecology is paying attention to what is happening around you when you are outdoors.  Deep Ecology is a new kind of prayer. Prayer in the common manner is to ask your God or Goddess—your higher power, for something for yourself or someone else or to thank your God or Goddess for what you have received so far in life. Prayer in Deep Ecology is prayer in the ancient manner, which now we tend to call magick. Prayer in the ancient way was to connect with, to become the essence of the God nature. Instead of pleading, asking or thanking you are becoming one with the higher essence, the true nature.  If you “pray” in this manner you enlarge your consciousness and awareness and you start to evolve into your higher nature.

We humans tend to think of nature as low since much of nature is instinctive while we are more intellect—the thinkers. We have not yet found our “true” place in the realm of nature. We have separated ourselves from nature instead of integrating with it. To keep the earth healthy we need to learn how to value nature and how to become one with it. If we do not find the way to connect with the earth we will be contributing to its destruction and so continue to experience polluted air, poisoned water, depleted soil conditions, and multitudinous natural disasters as the earth tries to rebalance herself.

To practice Deep Ecology take a moment out of your busy life to say hello to each plant and tree and listen to the wind, smell the scents in the parks and wilder areas, and look to feel the nature around you.  Most countries throughout the world have a long tradition of celebrating the turn of the seasons with attention to the seasonal flowers, the moon cycle, the fruits and crops, the animals, and celebrations that pertain to that season. Some farmers still keep the ancient prayers for fertile land and crops. These prayers, rituals and seasonal celebrations pull us back into the calendar of nature.

It is wise to take the time to get in touch with your ancient ways because they are the ways of the earth nature. And if you can, find the way to create new ways that fit your urban lifestyle but allow you to be in touch with both your own inner self and the outer nature all around you. In this way your life will blossom and Mother Earth will bless us with her fruits and her stable home.