The Age of Aquarius

The Age of Aquarius

What is this new age? How do we relate to it?
Every two thousand years we move into a new era…..a whole new beginning that turns our world topsy turvy
There are twelve astrological ages corresponding to the twelve zodiac signs in Western Astrology. Many astrologers and metaphysicians believe that when one cycle of the twelve astrological ages, called a Great Year, is completed, then another cycle of twelve ages will begin. The length of one cycle of twelve ages is 25,772 years.
The approximate 2,160 years for each age corresponds to the average time it takes for the vernal equinox to move from one constellation of the zodiac into the next.

This is a new age with a whole new repertoire of ideas, concepts, beliefs and actions. I have come to know the Age of Aquarius by reading what astrologers have speculated about it and then exploring my own experiences and feelings. And then clairvoyantly watching everyone else deal with this energy I came to the essence of what this energy is really all about. And this is what I am sharing with you now.

Like any new age of awareness, the first two or three hundred years will set the tone of what the rest of this era will be like. In the beginning will be the sharpest shift of consciousness as we move from a very fixed authoritarian Piscean era to a much looser visionary beginning of what our future will be like. The Piscean Era was one of rules and regulations, institutions based on authority to control everyone.

The Aquarian Era is a time of exploring the nature of personal freedom. A time when instead of being controlled by everyone else’s beliefs you start to assess your own sense of perceptions. It is the start of the evolution of the human race into a time of using and sensing energy as a power. This energy ranges from personal use of your own energy to the ability to absorb, move or align yourself with universal energy. And of course, the ability to use scientific methods to find new energy be it solar, wind, earth or other.

The Piscean Era has ended with a forerunner focus on the element of air. Air represents travel, communication, networking, the internet, global consciousness, weather, new ideas, spirit, inspiration, expanded consciousness, and human enlightenment.
The Age of Aquarius is supposed to be a time of moving into global harmony. And I know as you read this you are thinking that right now we are experiencing almost the opposite of harmony in our world and in our nations, laws and culture. However, please understand that this is just the very beginning of this new influence.

Hope and innovation and technological change is happening even now. Medical technology will grow in leaps and bounds.

This is the time when we turn from macro to micro. When we stop looking at the outward innovation of industry or government or religion to guide us. Instead, we look within to touch our truly human spirit to find what is really enriching about being alive. Our values change. Our concept of what is power shifts. And our attitude towards one another takes a big curve into connection and compassion. Everything you believe will be tested and retested for its validity.

The Age of Aquarius will shift us to the loop of where we started. We will rediscover the connection to our individual responsibility. In early times people knew and understood the power of reincarnation. The Catholic Church outlawed reincarnation in the third century. However reincarnation is the belief of cause and effect. What you do you are responsible for. No one can forgive you or release you from your own conscience and sense of self. Once people connect to their spiritual self and the greater universal spirit they will naturally realize that they are truly responsible for what they do. This will create a profound change in what people choose to do with their actions and their lives. This is one of the basic canons of what gives our lives meaning. Returning in the loop to this essential understanding will ground us humans into the universal power of what it means to be human and truly responsible for every action you take. This will not happen overnight. It will take time. This understanding of what your action means is especially profound now as we look at what it means to commit a war crime or to invade another country to take power over it. Piscean action is that of taking power “over” something. Aquarian era action is to align with the universal power to understand how we are alike, all governed by the same energies, all living on an earth that now needs to be healed and respected.

The Western concepts of religion were based on Plato’s philosophy that focused on a separation of sky heaven above and material earth below. His philosophy led people to yearn to be in the perfect heavens of the above. Everywhere else on the planet, the indigenous peoples of the Western world, the religions of the East held to a concept that we are all one and all a part of the earth. The Eastern Religions and the early pagans and indigenous peoples of Europe and Americas sought to be a part of the earth consciousness and so sought to preserve the nature of the earth. They did not see a division between earth and spirit. Instead they melded the two as believing the god/goddess force of nature being within all people, animals and nature. Now to begin to insure our survival on this planet earth we are all beginning to discover our responsibility for nurturing and caring collectively for our earth.

As we move from personal survival to collective responsibility we act out the future energies of the Aquarian philosophy. It is sad that we have to experience enough survival to force us to band together to create a world where we share rather than horde money, tools, resources or technology.
You might think that 2020 Year of Covid turned your life upside down but you haven’t seen anything yet! The beginning years of Aquarius Era force us to touch our inner side and to release the old negative habits of ego, power, control and greed that have grabbed every nation and most corporate businesses on the planet.

As we grow in personal consciousness we begin to question why we are here and what we can do to have the best “quality” life that is possible. People are now shifting from the “understanding” of what is the “good life” to what gives them the joy of everyday living.
A time of spiritual awakening when Earth Humans start to turn towards the Universal Natural laws and recommendations of the Creation.

Aquarius is a sign associated with abrupt change, forming communities of like minds and beliefs, fighting for causes that you care about and incredible technological advances and a balance of the genders.

According to the computer “geniuses” we are now moving into the era of Web 3 but in a few years we will have moved into Web 5 and then eventually into a new Meta version of the web that is more interactive with everyday living. As we move deeper into the Aquarian Age we will discover how individuals learn to react and value mass belief systems. Eventually people will cast off the generic belief systems that govern our corporate, religious and governmental systems. We will go through a period of time of forty to one hundred years where people will become a world unto themselves, being their own sense of stability, and their own bubble of personalized belief systems. The Aquarian Age will lead us into severe diversity that then allows us to connect with an overview system. This will be a very difficult shift from over control to inner control to eventually acknowledging our oneness. This will be a very dangerous time when old institutions will try to maintain power but will eventually lose. Then and only then we will discover what it truly means to respect one another. At that time you would learn and see that each person you meet is his or her own shaman, his or her own teacher, the true experience of the God Within. This is when a large majority of people will be able to once again connect with their Higher Selves to see, know and be one with their own true source of higher information. (Your Higher Self is the true you who takes a body in each life to change, learn and grow, to end karma and to accomplish your personal and social world agenda.

Standard and formerly accepted government systems of leadership and decision making will be challenged and changed in new and more affective ways. Former systems of finances and currency, voting, governmental laws and groups will shift. People will look to see how their laws, their judges, their courts, their jails, and their policing; and they will change the manner way this is accomplished. Look to see a change in the Supreme Court, the groups that control sports events, the change of government systems throughout the world, constant quick change of political and governmental leaders, rules for public gambling, giving people personal responsibility for what drugs they ingest, methods of distribution of goods, lifestyles, and most important of all: change of values.

We are going to see a very challenging time when people will question everything and over react to everyone else’s ideas. Right and wrong will go through at least one to two hundred years of critiques until finally we will allow each person to have and own his or her own version of reality. Yes, it will come together in a way that we can respect and allow one another our differences. By the year 2900 we will no longer have the type of guns we now have….metal guns, will be antiques. Electricity will work without our idea of light bulbs or wiring. Light will emanate from a wall. TV or video will play on a wall without a large screen. Most of our technology will have been micro managed to be small and hidden out of the way. With one widget you will be able to control everything in your home by pressing a simple button or computer connection.
Some people will be connected to the internet by digital implants that work with sound or motion or simple basic thoughts. Food will be grown using water and air in smaller regional facilities close to or in major areas. Even now it is obvious we are moving to organic substantive food. As we innovate our medical technology we will also innovate our food to create it as a means of making people healthy. We will create ways of bringing nutrition back into our foods. Now our soils are worn out and people often eat foods for taste or looks that has little nutrition in it. This will change significantly when food growing is moved into regional areas. Some people will have systems that actually grow the food automatically in their home.

Many people will change their perception of religion. Some forms of authoritarian religion will start to lose followers and lose their drawing power. Any religion that insists you must believe what they believe is not a religion. It is a cult. The definition of a cult is blind belief in a leader or system of beliefs that supersedes all your previous beliefs or actions and insists that everyone else must also believe these stated beliefs/ideas. Often collection of funds that are without financial disclosure for purpose or use; emotional or sexual abuse is also common in many cults; members being programmed to constantly seek to bring in new members and lack of space for questioning or criticism. Several of our current mass religions started as simple small cults.

A sincere believer of any religious belief or philosophical theory follows their beliefs. A defined religious believer is occupied living his or her own belief system. A person who insists that you must believe what they believe is an insecure person who cannot follow his or her own soul consciousness unless everyone else believes exactly the same thing. This in politics is called fascism or authoritarianism and in religion is called “being a cult” and in philosophy is called “brain washing.”

A person of deep belief should be busy living the concepts of their belief. If he is only spending his time forcing others to believe what he believes it means he does not really believe at all.
People are and will be searching for true meaning in their lives that connects them to the universal source. More respect for all living beings will ascend into importance. Passion will be more for experience rather than collecting material goods. Material goods will become valued for what their energy does or how it affects you. Your well-being will be connected to your ability to feel, know and express harmony within your own sense of self.

What comes after the Age of Aquarius?
That would be the Age of Capricorn. For those of you familiar with astrology and for those of you who are not familiar with astrology Capricorn is a sign of conservative authority of people who are grounded and want to make the “big” things happen. It is the sign of corporate structure. A time of strong goals focused on basic survival. But it is also considered to be a time when very advanced old souls will incarnate into “little kid’s bodies” and will seek to fix and make right whatever is not working well. We will then move from an adventurous Aquarian Age when everyone experimented with change and new ideas to a more set time when people seek to take the ideas that work and fix them to work better and kick out the space cadet experiments that really do not work. It is like moving from free wheeling hippie land to heavy government rules and regulations strengthening the system. However, many spiritual visionaries believe that the Age of Capricorn will be a divine age in which we will move into a time when our consciousness gets raised to a level in which every person will have developed the higher skills of clairvoyancy, clairaudience, psychometry and so will be tuned into the higher level of oneness. Thus, we will as a unit emerge into the higher dimensions of consciousness at will. We will truly understand and activate the concept of thought into action instantaneously.
But before you speculate on what that will mean please step back a moment and realize that we are looking at a period of time of over probably 2,400 years from now!

Let’s take notice of the Astrological signs and their influence:
• Fire: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
• Earth: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
• Air: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
• Water: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

So now we are moving from the water-based element of Pisces to Air based element of Aquarius. Air is communication, your breath of life, and is based in the heart chakra—your identity. When we eventually move into Capricorn we will be moving into the element of earth, of security, stability, and setting up systems that sustain our survival.

Right now we are in the present Aquarian time which is a period of exploration and adventuring. Trying things out in order to get rid of the old ways of doing things that is not working any more. We are moving on into a time when we question what we can do now. It is a time of great change and mighty experiments. We will be choosing to make things happen in a quick new innovative way.

So what does all of this esoteric information mean to me and you now?
Well, it means that we should not be looking or waiting for everything to return to normal. Because this is not going to happen. The new normal is not the old way. It is entirely new with lots of experiments and ideas and whole new ways of doing things. That comfortable feeling of “Now we can go back to normal,” is gone never to really return.

Many of us will change our careers or way of earning a living. Some of us will move to completely new areas believing or knowing we can earn a living from just about any place on the planet where we can stay connected to the internet. Our values of what is truly important to our lives will shift and change radically and quickly. What you value as a lifestyle or as a career may change dramatically and quickly.

So what is really important now? Getting to know yourself well. Being able to transform yourself quickly to morph into the new you. Knowing what really makes you happy and what tweaks your passion. Finding what truly improves your health and well-being and learning how to keep it working for you. Learning to release old authoritarian patterns in which you give up your power or beliefs. And finding the way to access your own information so that you can always know your own answers that work for you. This is an Age when we all will seek to access personal freedom. So, seeking and finding why you incarnated now in this body; why you are here; why you chose your parents and what you consider your true mission in this life will become important to you. You could have chosen any time period to incarnate but you chose this time in the very beginning of the Age of Aquarius and that means you have a real purpose for being here now!

This is a time of inner sight and outer action to explore new ideas, and new perceptions and the making of new traditions rather than following the old tried and true ones. This is your time to shine. To allow yourself to have the permission to grow and change in a way that enables you to express you own uniqueness. Key words to work with are: quick change; permission to do it you own way; releasing the fears that have bound you in the past; believing in your own abilities; being your own cheerleader and throwing out a great many of the old rules.