The Ascension of Consciousness

A friend of mine recently asked me about helping a friend of his who he says is totally living in fear of the end of the human race. People have told his friend that Covid will be the cause of the end of the human race. He asked me if I could tell him how he could help her. I was surprised that someone would be in such anxiety about the human race ending.
I told him, “Honestly, if she really believes our world will end because of Covid and that the human race will die out there really is very little she can individually do about it now. So why be so worried?”
“She is pretty dysfunctional now,” he replied.
I explained to him that all of my friends who are Metaphysical teachers believe that our world, our human race, is not going to die soon. Even though several cultures with long term calendars or predictions have shown an ending this is not the end of our human race. Endings therefore mean there have to be beginnings. And this truly is a time of new beginnings in many ways. The door to our future evolution is opening now and it is a time of great insecurity because it is a time of great change. These changes will affect every aspect of our lives: our technology, our global, national and personal identities; global economies, our biochemistry; and our inner and outer potential. We are living in a period of time when we all must shift. This is a time of ascension, not to the end of our world, instead moving to the next level of consciousness for human kind.
“What does all of that mean? He asked.
“Let me explain in simple terms,” I answered him.
A friend of mine in America told me that lately many tasks are getting very difficult to accomplish right now. She described her everyday work at the office as constantly facing obstructions. Then she told me her glasses broke. I asked her how they broke and she told me that her glasses broke at the bridge of her nose where it is not possible to fix them. She explained that this was a pair of glasses she had for many years and she was very comfortable with them and treasured them. So she felt as if she had lost something that was a meaningful part of herself!
And this is exactly what is happening now. We all are being forced to let go of our old habits and ways so that we can perceive and function in a new way.
And, if and when we shift, our world will eventually be without war. We will finally become a global world in a true loving manner. This could be tomorrow, or it could take us a few hundred years. But eventually it will happen.
All of us were born in a loving state of awareness. Within each of us there is a love energy in each cell in our bodies. Your body was created by the universal love force of the Goddess of Creation. There is a love energy within each cell in your body. If you get in touch with this energy you can start to learn to have a better more loving connection with your body. Also, within each cell of your body is the light force that enabled your soul nature to energize within your body. It is the light that has the ability to transcend time and to fill you with the power to ascend to your next level.
This is humankind’s quantum leap into the next level of development. Spiritual prophets have announced this shift of the ending of the Piscean 2,000 year era of rules, regulations and control mechanisms into the new Aquarian era of a balance of the sexes, new inventions, new technology, and individual thought leading to Free Will. Eventually we will enter a period of time when people have a larger say in their physical, material reality. Our concept of what freedom means is now in a huge shift of consciousness.
Times of great change always cause instability, fear and many rumors of the ending of the human race. And that is true. Eventually we will end the way we perceive ourselves and enter a whole new era. We will have a revelation of new begtinnings.

There is a way to prepare yourself to take the next true quantum leap. To easily enter through the light portal, you want to first prepare your body for a higher vibration level. One way to do this is to first talk to the cellular structure of your body and “turn on” the vital love particle in each cell. Remember to turn on the vital love particle in your cells every day when you meditate. Once you can feel the love vibration (which feels like gentle warmth and loving nature) then add in turning on the birth light spark in your cells too. This is the connection to your soul consciousness that resides in each of your cells. Once connected you will begin to feel your soul consciousness, which will start to consciously or unconsciously instruct you to raise your vibration and to release your karma in other ways.
It is wise to work on yourself to release old karma before the transformational time starts. To do this you must start to release guilt, practice forgiveness and compassion; and release your fears.
What we are learning is the nature of the self-aware universe—how consciousness creates the material world. It is both collective and individual consciousness that creates the material world we are living in at the present time. Quantum physics is now beginning to show and prove what intuitive practitioners have always known: that we are all connected; that what one person does can affect another person; that there is a dimensional reality that is created by intentional thought energy and that we truly are the expression of the totality, the divine oneness of the universe. What does this mean in practical terms? It means that if you can get your energy high or clear enough then you will have the ability to transcend the physical plane. You will have the ability to create physical reality with your mind. Thought creation works when you are focused, your energy is strong enough, you have permission, and you believe in the positive nature of creation.
We have all seen glimpses of our true potential. Years ago I had a friend who was a single mother. She did not have much money. When she needed something, she would think about it and create it in her mind’s eye. She would see it as existing in the now, the present universal time stream. And within a few days this item would come to her. Sometimes people would move and simply give her things. Sometimes she found it at a reasonable price. Things came to her in many different ways. She had the permission level to allow and believe that what she needed could materialize in her reality. We used to call that abundance awareness. But it really is a way of using your energy to create or shift energy.
We are all born into a positive energy sense. As we experience awareness during the process of growing up we learn habits and experience negatives that influence us. If we can learn to clear the habit patterns, release the negatives and the fears we can then begin to create in a deep way that changes the very reality we live in day to day. As this deep shift begins to affect all of us it literally pushes us to face our stuck places and to release whatever prevents us from connecting with our true essence within. It pushes you up against the wall of your false beliefs and patterns. And so people feel really stressed right now. It is not always easy to change. I have had friends who practiced abundance awareness and actually created what they needed and then could not believe it really happened. “It can’t be that easy,” a friend told me when she created her dream partner. When you are in the NOW and in the flow it is actually that easy!
What you need to do now to update your DNA, your karma and your destiny dharma so you can reach to the next level.

A simple exercise to stretch your awareness to clear yourself:

There are many ways to reach the cellular level of your consciousness. Let’s take a simple way. Sit in a comfortable chair with your feet firmly on the ground and your back fairly straight. Take a deep breath and allow all tension in your body and in your spirit to flow down into the earth. Let your body tensions leave. Let your anxiety and worries leave. And take some deep breaths and allow yourself to simply relax and enjoy the moment. If there is anything you become aware of that does not let you enjoy the moment send it down into the earth to release.
Once you feel that you are in the NOW moment and you feel calm and your thoughts do not control you——-imagine that you can speak with your unconscious mind. Simply speak to it and visualize it whatever way it seems to come to you to see. Your unconscious mind is the part of yourself that really has control over your actions through your body.
Speak to your unconscious mind as if you are speaking to a person. Notice what age it is, how it appears and what it says. If it is not in present time ask it why it is in the past. If it is kind of stuck into some piece of it’s past ask it to take that image or clothing off, that image of it’s identity, and toss it away for the time being and come into the present moment. Try to get it into now. Ask your unconscious mind to help you turn on the love particle in each and every cell in your body. Remind it that this is the love particle that was put originally into each cell when you were born. Imagine sending some light energy into each cell to the love particle to remind it that it should turn on. When you start to feel the warmth flood through your body and your life force essence then you can go on to the next empowerment.
Then ask your unconscious mind to also help you to send some energy to each cell of your body to turn on the spark of life force soul essence that is connected to your soul nature. This is the essence of life force that woke you up when you were born empowering yourself through your physical body.
Do this every day and you will start to feel the connection between your soul essence, your body and your true life path. Conflicts will start to melt away and your true higher spiritual nature will start to shine through. As you connect you will learn to act through the lessons of “being in the now” and” connecting to the oneness” which allows you to reach the threshold wherein you can create on the material plane with your thought consciousness. And the more you engage in doing this the more you will believe it works and the better it actually will work.