The Eye of Divine Light

The eye of divine light
As we approach the end of the year each day the sun gets weaker and the light dims. In the ancient European traditions we speak to our ancestors at the end of October to gain their wisdom and guidance. Then from November onwards until the winter Solstice in December we spend our time looking within. This is the time for clearing the energies of the past year: for forgiving others and ourselves and for releasing all so we do not carry our karmic burdens into the next year’s cycle. Just as you clean your home to welcome in the coming New Year you must also clean your spirit to start anew.

This is the time we are supposed to look within ourselves, to clear our karma, to bring the understanding of spirit into body so that we can evolve ourselves into better people.
As the light of the sun dims and the days are shorter and colder we become drawn to the celestial light, the radiant light of spirit, which is stored within us. It is this light which pours through your body, filling your energy channels and triggering your chakras (your energy centers) to open and so fills you with the divine light of wisdom.

Each chakra has within it the Inner Eye. When the chakra clears itself and releases all obstacles then the eye opens to allow you to view the world without illusion. If you should see this in another person it appears as a giant eye in the center of the chakra staring out at the world. When opened this eye enables you to see all without bias, without set beliefs or concepts and to see the divine light of the universe. Everything we are created from is made up on the divine light, which is the universal stuff of creation.

There are seven major energy centers (chakras) in your body located along your spine. These are the larger energy centers that control your energy specifically for survival, sex and reproduction, thought into action, identity as love and self-esteem, communication, spirituality and connecting with your higher nature and using your conscious awareness. If you can clear all seven major energy centers (chakras) to open your inner eye within each one then you reach the beginning level of heaven enlightenment. In the Buddhist system, for example, there are many “heaven” levels of enlightenment. The first level is opening the inner eye of conscious divine light while “in your body.” As the inner eye opens and you see with the “inner eye” you see clearly without the illusion presented by your feelings, your mind thoughts and other’s concepts and beliefs. You begin to simply BE AND KNOW. This form of being and knowing system is not written in a book, it is written in your soul nature. It is a pattern of energy that teaches you to see, be and know once your inner eye opens.

So it is wise to put aside time at the end of the year. As you come to the months when people go shopping for year end gifts and when the stores and neighborhoods place strings of light to remind us of the brighter lighter days to come it is the time to connect with your inner side to process the year and clear your karma and to open yourself to the beauty and joy of the divine light. As this is the time to get in touch with your light body and to lift your energy to a higher consciousness.

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