What You Believe Is What You Create In Your Life

If you study any form of spirituality sooner or later you will hear the phrase that all life is an illusion. Part of that illusion is being controlled by your beliefs. It is your beliefs that help to create this illusion. Your beliefs affect your emotions, your health, your finances, your actions and your body. Philosophers and Spiritualists do not suggest that the material world does not exist. They simply explain that the illusion is caused by the way your mind perceives this external world. We clairvoyants take this further to state that your beliefs are not just in your mind but also in your energy field (your aura and your chakras) and in your body too.
The beliefs you have affect what you have permission to do in your life. Most people are only aware of their conscious beliefs. Many of the beliefs that really affect you are the beliefs that are either in your unconscious mind or those beliefs that sit right below your conscious awareness. When these beliefs are triggered by a feeling or experience they begin to control you or force you into specific types of action.
Several years ago we had a couple come to our Clearsight Healing Clinic in America. The wife wanted to get a healing. Her husband came with her so we offered him a healing too. After their healings one of our staff asked them how they felt. The husband told us that he had a headache when he came but after the healing the headache was gone. However, he believed that the headache was gone not because of the healing but because he had taken an aspirin before he came. This man held beliefs that told him you cannot heal yourself and that the only way to get healed is to get medicine from a doctor. Luckily this type of belief does not stop you from getting or giving an energy healing. But it does prevent you from empowering yourself!
Beliefs that stay just under your conscious awareness often get stuck there during your childhood early years. As children we are taught to see our teachers as experts and to follow their leadership. As an adult you have to learn to separate your beliefs from your parents, teachers, friends, politicians and leaders so that you can judge and question what works for you in your personal world. In other words you have to learn to question the beliefs you were taught. Sadly, most people do not learn to question the beliefs they were taught. This is the era, the time, of transparency, when all starts to become revealed. So this is the time when we all must start to question our beliefs in order to find our true selves.
On a grand scale, beliefs are the cause of racism, sexism, wars of hatred, excessive nationalism, terrorism and violence between different religions.

On a personal level, beliefs are the cause of poor self esteem, poor finances, bad marriages, failure to find your true love, and some health problems.

Beliefs are images that can be found in your aura or your chakras (energy centers) but often are hidden deeply inside a chakra or even in a physical body organ.

I would suggest that to change your life you begin to question all of your beliefs. Especially begin to question and release your oldest and deepest beliefs. To do this you need to pay attention to what you say or feed to yourself on a conscious level during the day. Slowly you will begin to notice that it feeds into beliefs that you hold right beneath your conscious reality which will begin to surface.

Take a moment and look at what you believe………and why you believe that. Let’s take one example. Sit down, place your feet firmly on the floor and take a deep breath and allow all of the tension and anxiety you hold onto to flow out of you into the earth. You can imagine the stress and tension in your body flowing into the earth or imagine it flowing down into the ocean and being washed away.

Pick one issue in your life to view that you wish to change. It can be one of the major groups most people deal with: love, finances, relationships, or health. Think about that issue or problem for a moment. Now ask yourself what you “believe” about this. Where did these beliefs come from? Were they originally yours or are these the beliefs of a parent, teacher, mentor or friend? If these beliefs came from someone outside of you send them back to that person. If these beliefs are yours create an energy gauge (like a thermometer) that goes from 0 to 100% and put some bright red energy in it and ask how many years you have held this belief. If this is a belief that dates back to your childhood years ask when and why you created this belief. What was it’s original purpose? All beliefs were created to help you. But often when you keep them for years they begin to hinder or prevent you from growing and changing. Be glad you had this belief when you needed it but be clear that you do not need it now.
Allow yourself to release this belief and to let it flow out of you into the great ocean where it is washed away forever. As this belief leaves you look carefully to see if there is any other belief beneath it that also causes you to act in a specific manner. Follow each belief back to it’s origin, be aware of acknowledging it and then releasing it. After you have released your beliefs create an image of what you want to have happen in your life and charge that energy (fill it) with golden light. This is you creating the life you are meant to have.
Parents use beliefs to control small children. “If you are bad the big bad ghost will come and get you.” Governments use fear beliefs to control people. “This country will attack us if we do not attack them first.” Or “We have to use nuclear reactors for electricity or we will not have enough electricity to function in the hot months.” Sometimes there is truth in some of these beliefs. But for you to find the truth you must first rid yourself of the fear beliefs that control you.
Beliefs give you permission and take away your permission. Beliefs that people who are different from you are threatening can lead you to war or disrespecting another country’s boundaries. Beliefs that your government always knows what is best for you can take away your ability to govern yourself in a free country. Beliefs that you have no power to change your reality lead to lack of self-esteem. Beliefs that you are better than others leads to arrogance and loneliness. Beliefs that you are not good enough or are a failure lead to inability to act or make decisions and eventually to being frozen into inaction. Beliefs that other people know better what is best for you rob you of your freedom and self-identity.
You are a spiritual being that takes a body every life to learn and grow. The beliefs you have are the energy shell that surrounds your spiritual essence. As you release these beliefs you come into the radiant awareness of finding the true you. The true you is your essential energy that is in direct connection with the oneness of all. In each life you are born into a situation wherein you create a coat of beliefs that you wear and use. If you rid yourself of this “coat of beliefs” you will release the illusion and perceive life as it should truly be. Then you will be happier and more integrated into this life and truly be on your path to your next step of enlightenment.